5 Facts and Strengths of Sebas Tian Overlord, Over Powered Head Butler

5 Facts and Strengths of Sebas Tian Overlord, Over Powered Head Butler

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5 Facts and Strengths of Sebas Tian Overlord, Over Powered Head Butler

Sebas Tian's strength is immense even though his job is as a butler. He has a very cool appearance with his charming neat suit.

Sebas Tian had a very “cool” “Old Man” appearance. His behavior is very cool with an upright and strong body. Sebas Tian highly values ​​justice for all beings, but Sebas will kill anyone who opposes the Tomb of Nazarick. His way of speaking is very firm and has an impact on anyone who hears it.

Facts about Sebas Tian

Head butler

Sebas is a very strong and overpowered butler. Even though Sebas' position was only that of a “Servant” his strength was able to match that of the Floor Guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Sebas Tian was in charge of supervising the other Ministries and conducting information searches if Ainz asked him to.

Leader of the Pleiades Six Stars

Apart from being the Butler, Sebas Tian is also the leader of the Six Stars Pleiades residing in the Great Tomb of Nazarick. The Pleiades Six Stars are a very powerful set of "Maids". It could be said that this Army was the Strongest Maid Army or the Maid Fighters of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

Sebas Tian Created By Touch Me

Touch Me created Sebas Tian to serve as Head Servant of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. But Sebas Tian was given such great power by Touch Me that he was able to compete with the Nazrick floor guards.

Personality of Sebas Tian

Sebas Tian was created by Touch Me who has a very High sense of justice. Therefore, Touch Me's nature passed down to Sebas Tian who became his NPC creation. Sebas' personality is very gentle and firm, he will protect anyone from the "Oppression" of Evil Creatures. But he will kill anyone who opposes the great tomb of Nazarick.

Secrets of the Position of Service Head Sebas Tian

Sebas Tian was bestowed with extraordinary power. Even his strength could rival the floor guards or perhaps exceed all of them. It is said that Sebas Tian is only used as a "bait" so that intruders can be easily eliminated. So all the Intruders who came to Nazarick would not have thought that Sebas Tian was such a powerful Being. and Then Sebas could easily eliminate them all.

Sebas Tian Strength

Sebas is one of the strongest characters in the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Ainz thought that when Sebas used his true Form, the Dragonoid, all creatures in front of him would vanish. In addition, Sebas was also an expert in close combat.

Sebas Tian has extraordinary strength and becomes the Strongest "Human" in the new World (in his Human Form), Then If Sebas turns into Dragonoid form then he will become a very terrible creature. Sebas' Physical Ability was very high and was the highest to date.

Sebas Tian Overlord Skill:

  • Healing, Used to heal the target.
  • Heel Drop Kick, Sebas uses his feet to crush the enemy target's head and bones.
  • Human Killing, Increased Damage if the opponent is a human.
  • Intimidation, Sebas could emit an extremely terrifying Aura and directly pierce the Target's Heart.
  • Hardening
  • Seal, Sebas can seal an enemy Target after dealing it with an attack.
  • Palm of the Puppeteer, Sebas can make enemies obey him. This skill is used to find information from enemy targets.
  • Judging, Sebas was able to find out the Stats of the enemy.
  • KI, Sebas could find out everything in his environment.

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