5 Facts about Gargantua Overlord, Ainz Ooal Gown's Strongest Subordinate Monster

5 Facts about Gargantua Overlord, Ainz Ooal Gown's Strongest Subordinate Monster

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5 Facts about Gargantua Overlord, Ainz Ooal Gown's Strongest Subordinate Monster

Gargantua is a very Strong Giant Golem monster. Gargantua became part of the floor guards of Nazarick with the Greatest Body. It is known that Gargantua measures over 30 meters high.

Gargantua has a very large body with a height of more than 30 meters. At a glance, Gargantua looks like he has 2 legs with a very strong Stone Body, on his chest and eyes a red light radiates that penetrates the inside of his body. His body parts look so thick and bulky that it convinced him to be the strongest monster at the moment.

Gargantua Overlord

Gargantua is a monster Golem Guardian of the 4th Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. In addition, here are interesting facts about Gargantua's character:

Not a Custom NPC

Unlike other Floor Guardians, Gargantua is not a Custom NPC created by Nazarick Players. However, Gargantua was a Prize of the System won by Ainz Ooal Gown.

Having No Mind

Gargantua was a Golem monster that was gifted to Ainz. His strength was terrifying and he was even stronger than Shalltear. However Gargantua had no Mind at all and would only move if ordered by Ainz. Not only that, Gargantua also didn't have the slightest “Wish” or “Ego” in him. It proved that Gargantua would only move if Ainz ordered it.

Part of the Game System

As explained earlier, Gargantua is not a custom NPC created by the Great Tomb Nazarick but a gift from the system. Now Gargantua is part of the "Game" which becomes a "Bonus" that can be obtained by players who play the game. Now Ainz was the player who got the bonus. Therefore, Gargantua would only “obey” Ainz's orders without having any “thoughts” or “wills” of its own. Gargantua currently resides in a deep river on the 4th floor.

Gargantua is activated

In the anime Overlord Season 2 Episode 4, Gargantua is introduced to his large body. Ainz told Albedo to “Prepare” Gargantua for the Lizard-Man Nation Assault event. In that attack, Ainz simply introduced himself on top of the boulder Gargantua threw. While the Lizard Man Nation was only fought by Cocytus alone.

In the Lizard Man Arc, Gargantua is only activated to "Place" the boulder that will be used as a Throne by Ainz. After that, Gargantua returned to Headquarters and was not seen again during Cocytus' fight against the Lizard Man Nation.

Strength Gargantua

has immense power and is even capable of exceeding the Stats of other Guardians. It was said that Gargantua was stronger than Mare and Shalltear. However, since Gargantua doesn't have a "Mind" then all of his powers might be "Useless". On the other hand, if Ainz was able to use Gargantua properly and optimally then Gargantua would become the most terrifying Monster in the New World.

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