5 Rimuru Tempest Magic “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Spirit Summoning Magic

5 Rimuru Tempest Magic “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Spirit Summoning Magic

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There are many Rimuru Tempest Skills and Magic that have been seen so far. But among the many skills, there are 5 magic that stands out when used by Rimuru. One of them is the Summoning Magic that rimuru used when summoning Diablo.

Rimuru Tempest has Magic which is used several times in battles up to summoning. This magic may rarely be seen, because it is only under certain conditions that rimuru uses these magics. One of them was when summoning the demon Diablo.

Rimuru's Magic Tempest

Icicle Lance

Icicle Lance is used by creating an ICE Pillar. Icicle Lance's magic belongs to Rimuru's attack magic. Using a sharp Ice Pillar, Rimuru shoots it towards the enemy and deals massive damage. This magic has resistance to Fire Release.

Warp Portal

Warp Portal is a Portal magic that can allow the user to move places by using the same symbol on each door used. So rimuru uses the same symbol at the entrance and exit. So he can move places very quickly.

Magic Area Anti-Magic

rewrote the laws of the world. By using the Anti-Magic Area, Rimuru could create an anti-magic Area in a very wide range. So all the creatures inside will not be able to use magic.


's Magic This magic was used by Rimuru to massacre the Falmuth Royal Army. This magic belongs to the type of physics magic that uses sunlight and water droplets, thus creating a very sharp laser beam.

Summoning Magic

Spirit summoning magic is like summoning Spirits or Demons. Rimuru used this magic to summon the Black Ancestral Demon (Noir) after rimuru carried out a massacre against the Falmuth Kingdom's troops.

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