6 Rimuru Tempest Mobile Attacks “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Rimuru's Skill Attack Moves

6 Rimuru Tempest Mobile Attacks “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Rimuru's Skill Attack Moves

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Rimuru Tempest's Move Attacks (Skill Attack Moves) are several skills that can destroy targets with rimuru's moves. This skill is used quickly, such as jumping and then launching a sharp attack at the enemy.

Rimuru Tempest has many Skills that are very Overpowered, One of them is Attack Moves. Move Attack is a skill that is often used by Rimuru, especially in combat.

Rimuru Tempest Moves Attack (Skill Attack Moves)

Water Blade

Water Blade is a common attack that is often used by rimuru. This attack focuses fast attacks by using very sharp water particles. This skill is often used by jumping up and down the wall and then firing the Water Blade at the enemy target.

Flare Circle

Skill is a combination of Barrier and Flame Transformation skill which produces a sealing skill called Flare Circle. This skill allows Rimuru to restrain enemies within the Flare Circle and then destroy them.

Hell Flare

An attack move that forms a Range Barrier Dome about 5 meters wide. This skill can burn the target until it reaches "Nothing" with a heat temperature of more than a hundred million degrees.

Megiddo (God's Wrath)

Skill God's Wrath is a Physics magic that slaughters Falmuth's royal army. This skill is used by making a magnifying glass made of water. Drops of this magnifying glass are scattered throughout the area which will later be used to make laser beam attacks that come from the sun's heat.


Very fast movement and almost equal to the speed of light. This magic is included in the Targeted Destruction Skill with a flash of light in every use.

Melt Slash

This skill is used with a touch of Disintegration Skill. The user will move as fast as lightning using his strongest sword. The movements made will be so fast that the enemy will not notice that the user is in front of him.

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