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5 The Power of Yuta Okkotsu "Jujutsu Kaisen", the Strongest Cursed Spirit User

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Otakuen.com - Yuta Okkotsu's power comes from the power of a cursed human that often haunts him. At first Yuta is a cursed human who is often haunted by his childhood friend, Rika. When Yuta became a cursed human he was at the Special level. After that Gojo trained and mentored him until he was able to adapt to his strengths.

Yuta Okkotsu is currently studying abroad until the Shibuya incident ends. Yuta has a very shy personality and is distant from society. He tends to feel scared as a result of his childhood friend who always haunts him. But after he met Maki Zenin, he slowly showed his friendly side and began to appear confident.

Yuta always feels afraid and embarrassed when he meets his friends, but with encouragement from Maki makes him more confident and makes good friends with his colleagues at jujutsu school. Yuta realized his "mistake" for cursing Rika, so he tried to save her with the help of words from his friends.

Yuta Okkotsu's Strength Yuta

Okkotsu is one of the 4 Special Class Magicians recognized by Jujutsu High. After Yuta trained with Gojo, he began to master and control his power so that he became a reliable sword user. Rika's Curse power can be used unhindered, which makes her even stronger and easier to break high-level and special Curses. Even when Rika's cursed power is removed, she can still maintain her level of power and Gojo says that Yuta has the potential to defeat her. Yuta Okkotsu's Great Power comes from the descendants of the Great Mage Clan.

Yuta Okkotsu uses a sword to fight, he flows energy into his sword so that he is able to slash whatever is in front of him. At first he couldn't use the sword well, More precisely that Yuta couldn't control his power well. But after Maki taught him, he began to master his sword and fight with Rika.

Immense Cursed Energy

Yuta Okkotsu's power comes from Michizane Sugawara it started after Yuta turned Rika into a cursed Spirit. Rika becomes a very powerful Spirit which allows Yuta to use his power as an advanced Jujutsu power. Rika's cursed power is limitless, it allows Yuta to use his power continuously and be transformed into any form

Poor Cursed Energy Control / Too Relying on Rika's Full Power

Yuta Okkotsu is a magician who is "new" to learn jujutsu, This results in his inability to control his power alone. He tends to use Rika's full power and doesn't control it well. But over time, Yuta began to master how to channel his power well even though he still often made the same mistakes.

Cursed Rika Manifestation Rika

's cursed form destroys all the Cursed Demons that are nearby. Rika's Cursed Spirit has immense power and is one of the Strongest Cursed Spirits ever. When Manifesting in her perfect Form, Rika only uses a little of her power. Even so, its Strength was able to destroy all the cursed demons in the area. When compared to all the curses in the Geto Armory, Rika's one hit is comparable to all the curses there.

Reverse Curse Technique

Although his ability is still "Beginner" in terms of Jujutsu, Yuta can however use advanced healing techniques to heal all of his friends at once. This ability is still being developed and he will probably be the strongest in terms of attack and healing.

"Copy" technique

is shown to be able to imitate the power of Toge Inumaki, namely the power of cursed speech. This is very surprising, because this power can only be used by the Inumaki family / clan. Well Yuta can use this power and order weaker enemies like the Crus Geto Horde to die at once.

Yuta Okkotsu's strength is very strong and becomes one of the Special-class Magicians and becomes the strongest candidate to match Gojo. Until now, only a few of Yuta's powers have been introduced, so in the future there may be more Yuta powers that will be shown.

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