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Facts and 3 Powers Cursed Rika (Rika Orimoto) "Jujutsu Kaisen", Yuta Okkotsu's

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Rika Orimoto

Cursed Rika (Rika Orimoto) Is a Cursed Spirit that resides within Yuta Okkotsu. He is a spirit that always haunts Yuta. Rika Orimoto is Yuta's childhood friend, who died in a sadistic accident.

After Rika died, her spirit wandered and haunted Yuta for years. Then Yuta decided to attend a jujutsu school to find out all the things that "Really" happened. Currently Yuta is using Yuta's power to fight.

Cursed Facts Rika (Rika Orimoto)

Rika is Yuta's childhood friend who has high spirits. But there was a very tragic incident that took his life, it made Rika a cursed spirit and continued to haunt Yuta.

Curse Queen

Rika tragically dies after being hit by a car. Then his spirit is cursed and turns into a Cursed Spirit of Vengeance (Vengeance) which is at the Special level. Rika's Cursed Spirit was very strong and even fit to be called the Curse Queen. This can be seen from his extraordinary abilities and even comparable to the tens of thousands of cursed spirits belonging to Geto. Or maybe Much stronger than all the cursed Spirits in existence. Gojo said that Yuta and Rika had the Potential to rival him.

Cursed Rika (Rika Orimoto) is Yuta's Protector Okkotsu

Rika is a kind and innocent girl, she and Yuta have been friends since childhood and share happiness every day. After Rika died he became a cursed spirit and guarded Yuta from all threats that came to him. But even though he tries to "Protect" his existence sometimes scares him. Due to her immense strength, Rika tends to hurt others in the process of "Protecting" Yuta. But even so, Rika was still able to contain her Emotions and was not like other cursed Spirits.

After being freed from the curse, Yuta apologized to Rika and Rika promised to continue the "Protection" he gave Yuta, Then he also said that accompanying him in the form of a Cursed Spirit was more fun because every second he could be with

Power (Rika Orimoto).

CursedThe Curse Queen who has extraordinary abilities, even all of Geto's cursed spirits were defeated along with Geto's defeat. Jujutsu officials also said that Cursed Rika is a very big threat and even exceeds all existing curses.

After Yuta uses his full power, Cursed Rika disappears and he "Promises" will continue to protect Yuta and then he forgives Yuta.

Immense Cursed Energy

Cursed Rika possessed endless cursed energy. He was able to defeat all of Geto's cursed spirits with ease and even Yuta only used Rika's “Little” power to copy someone else's Type Magic. Rika is very strong which makes her nicknamed the "Curse Queen" by everyone, especially Geto. This is because the power and aura of the cursed is very large and comparable to all the cursed spirits that exist.

Full Manifestation

In its Full Manifestation, Cursed Energy is able to defeat high-level cursed Spirits in one hit (Blank Hand). Well then he also managed to defeat 2 of Geto's cursed spirits who were one of the strongest spirits. In her Full Manifestation, Rika is very strong and is later assisted by Yuta with his Sword. Well if they continue to be together then all enemies will be defeated easily.

Copied Cursed Techniques

Cursed Rika has the ability to copy all kinds of Magic Techniques. This was shown by Yuta who copied the Inumaki family's Curse Magic. Yuta copied the curse spell technique, then he ordered all the cursed spirits to "suicide". Now this Inumaki Family Technique is able to command (Forcibly) by using its Voice. It makes the target who hears it will obey all his orders, even though the order given is death.

Now that's the facts and strengths of Cursed Rika which until now has shown the information, but there is a possibility that the facts and powers will change or increase.

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