6 Facts about Haruta Shigemo "Jujutsu Kaisen", the Form of True Human Evil

6 Facts about Haruta Shigemo "Jujutsu Kaisen", the Form of True Human Evil

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Haruta Shigemo is one of the cursed criminals who helped Mahito in the attack on Shibuya Station. Haruta is a very cunning criminal and is the embodiment of true evil. He will oppress everyone who is weak and even dare to oppress his own friend who is dying.

Haruta Shigemo was introduced in Episode 20 of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime. He is seen enjoying the fight and then plans to kill Hanami who is dying from an attack from Gojo. Haruta is one of the characters shown in the Shibuya incident and is an important part of Mahito and Geto's attack on the Shibuya station.

Facts Haruta Shigemo


Haruta Shigemo is a coward who will run away from battle. He only fights the enemy from behind using very underhand methods. So whatever he will do to “Win” the Battle. Then he will also not fight an enemy stronger than him and will retreat if he feels an enormous power approaching him.


Haruta Shigemo is someone who is very sadistic even to his own comrades. He will oppress and kill others who are weaker than him and enjoy every torture he does. It was seen when Hanami was dying, Haruta thought of killing him with a very terrible facial expression.

Killing for Personal Pleasure

Haruta Shigemo became part of the criminals who attacked Shibuya under the pretext of “Pleasure”. Haruta says that he enjoys killing "Weak" humans and sending them to the afterlife. This was seen when he slaughtered people who had no power and officers guarding Shibuya station. Even though he is part of the Geto team, in reality he is only channeling his pleasure to kill people who are very weak.

Avoiding Strong Enemies

As explained earlier, Haruta Shigemo is very cowardly and even he will only fight weak (no strength) enemies. This can be seen when Megumi is about to activate Mahoraga's power. Haruta hears that Megumi will use the power of her 10 shadows to summon Mahoraga who is the strongest shikigami (which is known). Haruta prevents all of that, but his efforts fail because Megumi uses the ability first.

There Haruta Shigemo was very scared because the enemy he was facing was Mahoraga. Then he also did not have enough time to escape from the battle.

Haruta Shigemo's Power – Miracle

Haruta Shigemo has a very Unique power, namely Miracle. No wonder he was always lucky and avoided death. His strength always appears on the sidelines of conditions that risk his life as well as when he faced Mahoraga. When he confronted Mahoraga, Sukuna came and "Accidentally" saved Haruta from death. Well that is a form of his miraculous power.

Haruta Shigemo's Death

After Haruta survived Mahoraga's attack. He was fascinated by the appearance of Sukuna. Sukuna disliked Haruta and ordered him to stay away and get away from where he was. But Haruta didn't listen and thought it was all "luck" because he had met Sukuna. Haruta approaches Sukuna and eventually Dies in Sukuna's territory.

Now that is the fact that Haruta Shigemo became the worst human being because of his cunning who always oppressed creatures weaker than him.

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