Chimera Shadow Garden Megumi Fushiguro Jujutsu Kaisen, Domain Expansion Megumi

Chimera Shadow Garden Megumi Fushiguro Jujutsu Kaisen, Domain Expansion Megumi

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Chimera Shadow Garden (Garden Shadow Chimera) is Megumi's Domain Extension which is currently still not perfect. Megumi uses this Domain Expansion Technique in Episode 23 of Jujutsu Kaisesn.

Chimera Shadow Garden is the Domain Extension of Megumi's 10 Shadow Technique. Currently the Domain Expansion is still not perfect and is still the basis for using the highest technique of Shikigami. But the Domain Expansion was already able to defeat a stronger special class cursed Spirit. This proves that Megumi has very great abilities and even has the potential to enter the ranks of the strongest jujutsu magicians.

Chimera Shadow Garden – Megumi Shadow Garden's 10 Shadows Domain Extension

Still not perfect. This Domain Expansion formed a sea of ​​shadows, Megumi flooding a certain area with an extremely thick liquid shadow. By using Chimera Shadow Garden, Megumi is able to create multiple shadows at once as well as clone herself. Megumi can also create multiple Shikigami at the same time and make herself a complete "Shadow". So when hit, Megumi can replace her body with a shadow.

Chimera Shadow Garden is a Domain Extension that is very suitable for use in battle, Users can attack and defend perfectly. It is also what makes Sukuna interested in Megumi's power and hopes to fight her in full strength.

It should be noted that Megumi still has Mahoraga. So this Domain Expansion wasn't Megumi's strongest strength.

The First Time Using the Chimera Shadow Garden Technique

In Episode 23, Megumi uses the Chimera Shadow Garden Technique for the first time after imagining herself being able to “Overpass” the limit. This technique consumes Megumi's cursed energy (because Megumi is already in a dying state), so the domain expansion used by Megumi becomes Incomplete (incomplete).

The Chimera Shadow Garden Technique could perfect the 10 Shadow Technique. Then in the use of this Shadow Garden Technique, Megumi can easily manipulate all the shadows in the area. In her first use, Megumi wields a toad shadow as well as a Nue shikigami that flies and attacks a Special Grade Cursed Spirit. Then Megumi can turn herself into a shadow after the enemy attacks her. Well, although not perfect, this technique is proven to be very strong and deadly.

Chimera Shadow Garden in the Shibuya

Incident In the Shibuya Incident, Megumi uses the Chimera Shadow Garden Domain Extension Technique to enter Dagon's Domain Extension. Megumi uses this Technique with the aim of assisting the magicians in their actions and saving all the witches trapped in the expansion of Dagon's Domain.

Megumi creates shields and escape routes to save all the trapped magicians using the twisted Shadow Hole. In this scene,Toji Fushiguro(Megumi's father) enters the Extended Domain and learns about the power and name of his son. There Toji was very happy because he saw his son had grown into a very strong magician and used the name Fushiguro.

Now the Chimera Shadow Garden Theory above is only an introduction. For more details, you can see in Episode 23 Jujutsu Kaisen and for more details it will be shown in the Shibuya Incident Episode.

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