6 Facts about Shalltear Bloodfallen “Overlord” True Vampire

6 Facts about Shalltear Bloodfallen “Overlord” True Vampire

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Shalltear was one of Ainz's most powerful subordinates. He was a Pure Vampire who could even corner Ainz in battle.

Shalltear has many vampire subordinates who always accompany and serve her. His subordinates are only female because until now no male subordinate shalltear has been shown.

He was also the Guardian of the 1-3 Great Tomb of Nazarick's Floors with strong subordinates. Shalltear was keeping guard on the 1st floor because Ainz wanted to minimize the damage to the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

The creator of Shalltear Bloodfallen

Peroroncino was the great being who created Shalltear Bloodfallen who was one of Ainz's friends. He is only shown a few times in the anime series Overlord.

He had logged out of the game with Ainz's other friends. and Ainz alone was now the ruler of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

Seductive Appearance

Shalltear had a seductive body shape with a dazzling appearance. He was short but curvaceous and looked like a 15 year old child.

Her face that looks pale but shining and beautiful red eyes make it even more attractive to look at. She usually wears a black dress which shows the beauty of her body.

and Opens

She tends to be open in her sexual context and even becomes Albedo's rival for Ainz's heart. Then she was also loyal to Ainz and intended to become the wife of the lord of the Nazarick tomb.

His openness is also seen when his subordinates fail to carry out their duties. And he did not hesitate to kill his own subordinates. Then for his enemies Shalltear will hunt him until the target is dead and covered in blood.

True Vampire

Shalltear is a true vampire who is thirsty for blood. He likes bloody battles so that his desires can be well fulfilled and his abilities are extraordinary.

Shalltear's ability was a true vampire's power that could heal itself as well as a skill that could trouble Ainz. His skills are equipped with war equipment such as armor and weapons.

Shalltear Betrayed

It was told in Season 1 of the Overlord anime that Shalltear betrayed and fought against the Tomb of Nazarick. Shalltear is controlled by a person whose "mastermind" is unknown.

Well Shalltear betrayed because it was controlled by the enemy by using certain skills/items. Then Ainz himself defeated him in a fierce battle in the forest and made “Adventurer Momon” a hero.

Shalltear is resurrected

After fighting Ainz Shalltear is defeated and resurrected by Ainz using Gold/treasure. He came back alive with a still blurry mind and did not know anything.

When raised, shalltear was confused and immediately asked to rest. And then he realized what he was doing and was depressed because he felt guilty for betraying him.

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