6 Facts about Princess Renner "Overlord" The Betrayal Princess

6 Facts about Princess Renner "Overlord" The Betrayal Princess


6 Facts about Princess Renner "Overlord" The Betrayal Princess

Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself is a princess from the kingdom of Re-Estize. Princess Renner Has a subordinate named Climb.

In Seasons 1 to 3 Princess Renner only appears a few times. That was in the kingdom and during the evacuation of citizens when Jaldabaoth attacked his work.

Princess Renner had above average intelligence so Albedo and Demiurge were interested in meeting her. The dialogue that took place was during a war preparation meeting at the great tomb of Nazarick.

The Golden Princess Renner

Renner is known to the public as the Golden Princess because of her intelligence and wisdom. Princess Renner had beautiful golden hair and it looked soft to the point that it looked silky at the back of her neck.

Renner's bright blue eyes were very beautiful and filled with an aura of warmth. Then he also wore a gold necklace which indicated that he was a noble person.


Climb's Personal Bodyguard is Princess Renner's personal bodyguard in the Re-Estize kingdom. Climb is shown several times in the anime overlord.

A personal bodyguard who works hard to take good care of Renner's daughter. Even Climb was not afraid to die to complete his task and successfully passed Sebas' test.

Climb had no talent in combat but he worked harder and harder than anyone else. So that he was able to fight without fear in his heart because there was someone he had to take care of, namely daughter Renner.

Renner's Daughter A "Yandere"

Renner has a split personality or might be called a psychopath. He knows very well what "good" and "evil" are. So that he can position his attitude that can look good but bad and vice versa.

His psychopathic personality is like he doesn't care about other people's feelings and prefers to enjoy the suffering of others. But this Princess Renner had an affinity for Climb so whoever hurt her would Renner Kill.

The Betrayal Princess

Renner is affiliated with the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Secretly Princess Renner has a relationship with the Magic Kingdom, namely the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

He did not hesitate to betray the Kingdom and its people without the slightest sense of guilt. It was part of his personality which according to albedo was a Spiritual Heteromorph with a human-shaped body.

Change To Demon Race

Renner Changed Race to Demon Race and Then joined the Tomb of Nazarick. Renner no longer hides his true nature after turning into a demon.

He sold his kingdom to the Magic Kingdom which he later became a part of. Renner's True Traits did have 2 Personalities which caused him to feel no remorse after betraying his kingdom.

Renner's Abilities & Strengths

Well he's the smartest human being in Re-Estize's job. Even Albedo and Demiurge acknowledged his great thinking and thought it would be useful in the future.

The idea he proposed helped the kingdom so much that he had a broad mind and was needed by the kingdom. Then the ability in designing the strategy of princess renner is really above the average person in the Re-Estize kingdom.

Renner's intelligence managed to save many of the working citizens who were being attacked by the demon Jaldabaoth. Even his Intelligence was recognized by albedo and was probably comparable.

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