6 Facts about Shion "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken"

6 Facts about Shion "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken"

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Revives Shion is one of rimuru's subordinates who has great power. He served as Secretary and Personal Bodyguard of RImuru Tempest. Shion will always follow RImuru wherever Rimuru goes. Then Shion is also a countryman Ogre who has a high sense of "Anger", Especially with something related to Rimuru Tempest.

Shion joins Jura Tempest after Benimaru (Leader of the Ogre) agrees to rimuru's invitation to defeat the Orc Lord. He was named along with the other ogres. Rimuru gave the names of the Ogres to assure them that Rimuru's spell would not harm them. And in the end all the Ogres asked Rimuru to remain their Master.

Facts Shion Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken

Shion is an Ogre Race Woman who does not have good cooking skills. Even the food will become poison to everyone who eats it. Apart from these facts, there are some other interesting facts about Shion Tensei Shitara Slime, here's a review:

Secretary and Personal Bodyguard of Rimuru Tempest

After the destruction of the Orc Lord, Shion served as Secretary and Guard of Rimuru Tempest. Shion actually only served as a secretary, but because of his obsession with wanting to be close to Rimuru, he continued to be near Rimuru and take care of him. Shion has good abilities as a secretary, she is able to make decisions quickly if her interlocutor praises / respects Rimuru.

Shion Dies

Shion dies after trying to protect Shuna from the attacks of Farmus Otherworlders. During the attack on Farmus Otherworlders, Rimuru did not have time to protect Shion and Rimuru saw that Shion had been exposed to a limp helpless (already dead). Well actually Jura Tempest has a main protector (Like an invisible Fortress), But the Barrier Magic has fallen and weakened.

Knowing that Shion had died, Rimuru was furious and slaughtered thousands of enemy soldiers to be used as material for high-level Demon Summoning Rituals (One of them was Diablo's summoning).

Shion is

revived Shion is revived by Rimuru Tempest with the help of his Ultimate Skill which is Wisdom King Raphael. After Shion is resurrected from the dead, he evolves into a Wicked Oni with excellent Wisdom.

Shion is revived by using 2 demon sacrifices, the devil is Diablo's subordinate (who was summoned at the same time as Diablo). The 2 Demons said that they were happy to be able to help Rimuru and be useful to him and finally Shion came back to life and became a Wicked Oni.


Initially Shion was just an ordinary Wild Ogre with a seductive appearance like a young woman. However, after he joined Jura Tempest, the Wild Ogre was given the name "Shion" by Rimuru Tempest. After that he Evolved into a Kijin.

In the Great Battle, the enemy's attack on the Jura Forest leaves Shion slain. After that, Shion is revived and evolves into a Wicked Oni.

New Skill – Master Cooking

As we know that Shion is a woman who is not good at cooking. But after Shion died and was resurrected, he had the hope of being able to "cook" and the results of his cooking were delicious. After he expressed this hope, he got a new skill, Unique Skill Cook.

So, Shion's food will taste delicious and delicious. There is a possibility that Shion will cook for Rimuru only, since there are already many Chefs in Jura Tempest.

Shion's Battle

After Shion came back from his death, he has a very great power. Then during the “Octagram”, Shion managed to beat Clayman and beat him very badly. Not only that, Shion also destroyed the Hundred Holy Knights and their captains single-handedly without anyone's help.

After Clayman and the holy knights, Shion defeated the 3 Sons of the Demon King Dagruels and made the three of them his subordinates. That way Shion became stronger after his death.

Shion becomes the commander of the Yomigaeri Special Team, which is a team filled with the three children of the Demon King Dagruels.


Shion's power has immense power with her Great-Sized Sword. There are several Shion abilities that have been introduced so far. Here are the reviews:

Unique Skill


  • Certain Outcome
  • Optimal Action
Intrinsic Skills
  • Very fast regeneration
  • Perfect memory (Very Good)
  • Ogre Berserker
Extra Skills
  • Ability to see clearly and widely (Can see everything)
  • Magic Sense
  • Multilayer Barrier
  • Spatial Travel
  • Haki
  • Baattlewill
  • Ogre Canon

has the ability to dispel pain to a barrier to ward off physical and spiritual attacks.

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