6 Facts about Milim Nava “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, the Demon King of Destruction

6 Facts about Milim Nava “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, the Demon King of Destruction

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6 Facts about Milim Nava “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, the Demon King of Destruction

6 Facts about Milim Nava “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, the Demon King of Destruction.


Milim Nava is the second strongest Demon after Guy Crimson. Milim Nava is known as the Demon King of Destruction due to her immense strength. Then he was also the first Ancestral Demon Lord along with the crimson Guy and Ramiris. Millim Nava became a close friend of Rimuru Tempest after he was given "sweet" food by Rimuru.

Milim Nava looks like a cute and cute little kid. It was bewildering to all beings who met him. Milim nava doesn't look scary and tends to look cute like a normal young girl. But behind it all, it holds enormous power and is even capable of destroying anything with ease.

Milim Nava Facts Milim

Nava was first introduced in the anime when he was interested in the City built by Rimuru in the interior of the Jura Forest. It was at that time that he became a close friend of Rimuru Tempest. There are some interesting facts about Milim Nava the Demon King of Destruction, here's a review:

The First and Oldest Demon King after Guy Crimson

Milim Nava is one of the 3 first and oldest devils in the anime Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken. Milim became the second strongest after Guy Crimson followed by Ramiris in third. Milim Nava has formidable abilities and can even fight on a par with Guy Crimson.

Human Form Dragonoid

Milim Nava'sHe is very rare and hasn't even been seen in the anime using the Dragonoid body shape. Milim Nava more often uses the human body with revealing clothes like an adult woman. However, his appearance is changed after he becomes Rimuru's best friend.

Grumpy and childish

Milim Nava has the same nature as children in general. He gets angry very easily when he feels bored or offended and then he also has a childish nature. This was proven by Rimuru when he was very spoiled to ask Rimuru for sweet food.

Milim Nava's True Friend

Milim Nava has 2 friends since she became the demon lord. Milim's friends are Guy Crimson and Ramiris who are the first Demon Lords in the anime Tensura. Well, since then Milim has not had a True Friend who can comfort and accompany her. After he met Rimuru, his boredom and emptiness in his heart were fulfilled, so Milim Nava made Rimuru Tempest his first true friend. Milim thought of Rimuru as her true Friend and “Bestie”.

Veldanava and Lucia

Milim Nava's son was the son of the True Dragon Veldanava and Lucia. But even so, Milim never saw her parents and grew up with her pet dragon. Milim's pet dragon was created by Veldanava with the aim of accompanying Milim and being a vessel for her to be reincarnated.

The First 3 Devils Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken

Milim Nava destroyed a country, which was caused by the country's stupidity for killing its Pet Dragon. With the killing of Milim's pet dragon, her anger peaked and destroyed the entire country that killed her pet dragon.

His anger eliminates Milim's "Common sense", He continues to slaughter everything in front of him. That made Guy Crimson move against him, Guy Crimson did that to quell Milim Nava's anger. But their fight continued for 7 days 7 nights. And in the end Ramiris stepped in and quelled Milim's rampage.

After everything calmed down, the three of them became close friends and occasionally met up to just chat and spend free time.

Milim Nava's Power Milim

Nava has the power of Destruction. Milim Nava's power is "Destroyer" which can match Guy Crimson's strength. The following are some of the powers used by MIlim Nava:

  • Ultimate Skill (not shown yet)
  • Milim Eye
  • Milim Ear
  • Dress Change Magic
  • Spatial Magic
  • Drago Buster
  • Drago Nova

Until now the power of Milim Nava has not been fully shown, however the list above is the strength of Milim Nava ever introduced. In the next season in 2021, everything will probably be revealed.

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