6 Facts about William Vangeance | Black Clover

6 Facts about William Vangeance | Black Clover

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6 Facts about William Vangeance | Black Clover


6 Facts about William Vangeance | Black Clover

William Vangeance is one of the commanders of the magic knights of the clover kingdom. He is also the first commander of the Golden Dawn squad of the Clover kingdom.

William Vangeance had extraordinary strength. Many people even said that he was the future magic emperor. Perhaps he was more accurately close to the word “Deserved” to become a magic emperor in Julius's stead.

He had 2 souls in him when the elves returned to earth. William shares a body with an Elf named Patolli (Leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun). But then separated again after Patolli allowed himself to be expelled from William's body and then revived using an artificial body.


6 Facts of Willian Vangeance

There are several facts about William's character in the Black Clover anime and of course you should know them. Check…..

Julius' Gift Mask

Julius was the first to receive William Vangeance with all his flaws. William has a scar on his upper face that makes him ostracized by everyone. But not for Julius, Julius is actually attracted to William and accepts him without questioning his "curse".

Then Julis gave a Mask that could cover her scars or "curse". Until now william has always used the mask as a tribute to the magic emperor and gave everything to become a magic knight.

Elf Patolli who is considered a twin brother by William

William supports all the goals of elf Patolli who wants to be reincarnated back to earth. They are friends because William thinks Patolli is something in common with him. Then william regards him as a twin in a certain way.

William knew that many people would die with the return of the elves to earth. But for some reason he supports that the elf is reincarnated.

Yami Sukehiro is William Vangeance's Rival

William trusts Yami and then shows his "Wounded" face shape. They are both magic knight commanders recruited and respected by the magic emperor Julius.

Yami and William are both training in an area in the depths of the forest. And then they met and became rivals and formed a very close friendship.

Personality that is loved

by his subordinates William has a friendly, calm demeanor and almost every time he gives a smile to all his men. That way all of his subordinates are happy to give loyalty and respect to william.

Then he is also someone who has very high foresight and caution. It was shown when there was a betrayal from one of the magic commanders which according to William might have something to do with the enemy's magic used to control others.

That way william keeps the honor of the magic knight commander and keeps trying to solve the case.

Exiled Noble

William is the illegitimate child of a noble family. Then he was exiled because of his scary appearance with a scar on his face.

At the age of 8 William was brought to the "noble realm" which is a gathering place for nobles. But he was still hated and abused by his adoptive mother.

Gray Deer Squad Knight

At the age of 13 William met Julius. Julius admires William's magic power and invites him to join the magic knight. However, William hesitated because of his "scary" appearance, but Julius gave him a mask that could cover his "wounded" face and 2 years later after receiving a grimoire, William finally chose to join Julius' troops.



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