Kakashi's 3 Biggest Mistakes in Naruto

Kakashi's 3 Biggest Mistakes in Naruto


Kakashi's 3 Biggest Mistakes in Naruto


Kakashi's 3 Biggest Mistakes in Naruto

 Kakashi's biggest mistakes in Naruto he's ever done as the greatest shinobi in the village of Konoha.

Kakashi Hatake is the mentor of Team 7 in Naruto. He taught his students such as Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno, the importance of teamwork and has been instrumental in many battles in the series.

However, there are more than a few of Kakashi's biggest mistakes in Naruot that he made during his stint as a ninja.

Here are Kakashi's biggest mistakes in Naruto:

  1. Following a High

Selfishness Kakashi's biggest mistake in Naruto first was that he followed his selfish instincts.

Kakashi lost his mother before the events of Naruto. Sakumo's father committed suicide after he was slandered by the villagers of Konoha for choosing to save people over completing an important mission.

Sakumo's death traumatized young Kakashi to follow the rules no matter what. This led to several questionable decisions and mistakes from Kakashi, including using his team as a springboard to achieve his goals and completely ignoring lessons about teamwork.

Kakashi also nearly abandoned Rin and Obito when the former was captured. However, he returned to help Obito and save Rin.

Kakashi will continue to regret his inability to save Obito from the boulder that crushed him. He also mourns Rin's death from the lightning sword he used to try to save her.

  1. Trying to stop Orochimaru himself

Despite having his own team as members of the Anbu Black Ops, Kakashi decides to investigate a series of strange disappearances himself. This proved unwise as it brought him to Orochimaru. The Legendary Sannin were able to immobilize Kakashi with his own killing intent.

Kakashi would continue to track Orochimaru but was always tracked or intercepted by Kinoe when he tried. First done by the Iburi clan with Kinoe's help since she worked with Orochimaru.

Fortunately, both encounters were in his favor even if he did not capture or kill Orochimaru.

  1. Failed to help Itachi

Kakashi's biggest mistake in the last Naruto he failed to help Itachi.

This was something Kakashi regretted since he worked alongside Itachi Uchiha as part of the Ro Anbu Team during Naruto's early days.

The two got along, but Kakashi tried to dissuade Itachi from ruthless tactics and focused more on teamwork instead. It seems to work, as the team managed to complete many missions together.

However, Itachi asked Kakashi something rather strange: should the request of a deceased friend be honored? Kakashi, who has experience in that field, stated that it should be.

Learning the truth about things years later doesn't make the team any easier. Kakashi felt as though he had failed again, this time to exert a better influence on Itachi.

that's Kakashi's biggest mistake in Naruto which is quite fatal.


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