6 Strengths of Aoi Todo "Jujutsu Kaisen", the Strongest Fighter Jujutsu Kaisen

6 Strengths of Aoi Todo "Jujutsu Kaisen", the Strongest Fighter Jujutsu Kaisen

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The power of Aoi Todo is the strongest muscle strength in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime. It is known that Aoi Todo only needs to use 1 hit to destroy the Cursed Demon (Without the use of Cursed Aura). Until now Aoi Todo became the strongest in close combat.

Aoi has an open nature and is not shy about saying that she likes a "certain" type of woman and then she will get bored and beat up anyone who doesn't understand her. Even though Aoi is very strong, he likes silly things like wanting to meet his idol Cosplay and deify women's buttocks.

Aoi Todo Facts Aoi

Was Yuji Itadori's “Teacher” when he taught Black Flash to Yuji. It happened when the event happened between Kyoto and Tokyo. As a very powerful mage, Aoi guides Yuji to gain and utilize his Physical abilities. Then, Aoi has his own technique and understanding of "How to Fight" and "How to use Energy". This was understood by Yuji and finally Yuji could easily use his Physical Strength.

Aoi Todo and Yuji Itadori are friends who share the same thought. Both of them like the same type of woman and then they are also a muscle user fighting type. They are good friends and Aoi continues to teach Yuji so that Yuji can become stronger and not use the "Old" way of fighting and in the use of cursed energies.

Aoi and Yuji first fought together against Hanami. After they understand each other, Finally Aoi plans to promote Yuji to become a tier 1 mage and Aoi will guide him.


Todohas immense strength and is one of the strongest disciples. He was able to defeat cursed demons using his punches and it was noted that there were several curses he killed without using curse energy. Aoi managed to beat other students like yuji and Megumi easily.


Aoi Todo's physical strength is the strongest. Not only is his physical strength superior, but his intelligence in the use of his strength is also at the top level.

Aoi Todo is an expert in hand-to-hand combat, he is able to kill curses with just a punch and then he can increase his abilities even more so that he deals more damage without the curse energy being released. Aoi Todo's speed is proportional to his physical strength, he is able to move and attack enemies quickly and precisely. Then the use of his strategy is also very great, it is proven when he manages to defeat the curse of a special class and guide Yuji.

Great Cursed Energy

has the power to kill Cursed with just 1 hit. Aoi has a high level of Cursed Energy and a "Typical" way of using it and makes it even more powerful and difficult to defeat. Aoi has some kind of special power that she can use at any time without reducing her Magic Energy reserves. Then he can combine the Energy with other powers such as using the Black Flash technique.

Black Flash

This technique creates a Distortion of physical changes when Aoi is connected with Cursed Energy which causes a color change in the Cursed Energy. This change occurs within the range of about 0.000001 seconds of physical attack. This attack has greater power and is capable of dealing massive damage to the target in one hit and the next touch.

Showing One's Cards

Showing One's Cards is a binding "Oath" used by leaking his cursed jujutsu technique. Aoi can use this technique so well that he is able to mislead his opponents.

Boogie Woogie

Boogie Woogie is a technique that I use to move a certain person or object by clapping her hands. He can move quickly by using this power. This has often been used especially when saving Yuji from Mahito's execution. Then he can also use this technique by clapping his hands on other people, so this technique does not have to use both hands to be clapped.

Simple Domain

This technique can neutralize all kinds of curses within a predetermined area. Simple Domain is the perfect barrier because it can automatically remove all kinds of curses. This allows him to defeat very strong foes without feeling "difficult".

Aoi's Weapon: A Special Grade Cursed Tool

Aoi uses a special grade cursed Tool which is a "Fun" cloud-like object. When the cursed tool is combined with its cursed energy it can generate enough destructive power to destroy a high level cursed devil.

Well, until now the power of Aoi Todo is still not fully demonstrated. But it has been confirmed that he is the strongest melee fighter with his physical strength and jujutsu.


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