9 The Power of Maki Zenin "Jujutsu Kaisen", Magician Using Cursed Weapons

9 The Power of Maki Zenin "Jujutsu Kaisen", Magician Using Cursed Weapons

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Maki Zenin's power is the power that comes from her weapons and her fighting determination. Maki has a very low cursed energy which causes her to not be able to see the curse clearly and has to use glasses that have been energized to be able to see the curse.

Maki Zenin has a tough nature but is able to become a reliable leader. Maki looks like a woman with an athletic build who has an outspoken nature. He tends to be tough on all of his friends, especially in combat training. His tough nature is complemented by a sense of impatience attached to him, it is intended to accelerate the development of his friends.

Facts about Maki Zenin Jujutsu Kaisen

Maki comes from the Zenin family, but he doesn't have a great curse energy that causes him to be alienated from his own family. The curse energy is very low, forcing him to use Glasses (which have been energized) to see the curse. But he has a strong determination to become a Magician.

Maki Zenin feels "cursed" by her own family because of her inability as an "absorber" of cursed energy or not having a large cursed energy. Then he was also often insulted by his family because he was born a useless woman. Now all these events motivated him to become stronger than anyone and continue to practice to prove that he is able to compete and become a strong magician.

Maki Zenin is highly respected by all his colleagues at school and his fellow Magicians. He is considered to have great potential to become the strongest magician to eradicate the curse with his weapons. He also has a very great leadership spirit, even all his friends consider him to be someone who is able to lead on the battlefield.

Strength Maki

Zenin has tremendous physical strength and almost equals Yuji Itadori. Then he also mastered various cursed weapons which made him stronger even though he had very low curse energy.

Many people looked down on him but in fact he had enough power to exterminate a special tier cursed demon. Maki Zenin has great ability in close combat. He is able to use various cursed weapons and he is even said to be able to use all types of cursed weapons. Maki can use different Weapons in one fight. This proves that the mastery of zenin maki weapons is at the top level.

The strength and speed of Maki Zenin is very great, he is able to use different weapons with his current strength and then he is also able to move or avoid enemy attacks quickly. This proves that Maki Zenin is a close-range fighter who has tremendous strength.

It's not just his strength that makes him stand out. As a descendant of Zenin, he has a very intelligent mind and is able to think correctly. This is evidenced by the speed of his thinking in the use of appropriate weapons when in battle and then he is also able to teach all about jujutsu to his comrades.

Heavenly Restriction

Maki Zenin has Superhuman Physical strength, She was born with enormous physical strength and grew to become the strongest woman among jujutsu school students. Even though Maki doesn't have a huge Cursed Energy, she has superhuman strength and speed which allows her to continue fighting even without the Cursed Energy.

Cursed Weapon: Red Spear

A typical weapon that is often used by cursing is a cursed weapon in the form of a red spear equipped with a red cloth with a shiny spear tip like gold. This weapon he often uses and is Maki's first weapon when he was a first year student at the Jujutsu School.

Curse Weapon: Metal polearm

This weapon Maki uses for practice only. It is said that the metal polearm was used to strengthen one of his techniques and this weapon was also lent to Megumi.

Curse Weapon: Long Wand

The naginata polearm weapon is seen used when he walks around the Goodwill event, this weapon is shaped like a long stick with a cursed blade decorated with feathers. Then there is a gold ring at the end of his wand (Like a bitsu stick).


Maki's katana has a katana that she uses against hanami, but her katana is broken. Then when in competition, he took Kasumi's katana and used it during the fight.

Curse Weapon: Black Sword

Maki has a black sword that she used to fight against hanami. The sword was kept in Megumi's shadow. Well they both can use each other's weapons. It is said that Megumi learned the cursed weapon from Maki Zenin.

Special Level Cursed Tool : Playful Cloud

This cursed tool called “Pleasant Cloud” was a gift from Suguru Geto. This weapon is stored in Megumi's shadow and will be issued under certain circumstances.

Well that is the Power of Maki Zenin Jujutsu Kaisen. His strength comes from his Super Human Strength which is then equipped with various cursed weapons that he uses.

Maybe there's still a lot of Maki Zenin's power that hasn't been shown, So let's watch the continuation of the Jujutsu Kaisen story together.


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