7 Facts about Diablo "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", Rimuru's Strongest Subordinate Tempest

7 Facts about Diablo "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", Rimuru's Strongest Subordinate Tempest

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7 Facts about Diablo "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", Rimuru's Strongest Subordinate Tempest

Diablo is one of rimuru's strongest subordinates, even when compared to rimuru's other subordinates, Diablo is the strongest. Diablo became part of the executive squad of the Jura Tempest Federation and later he also served as the 2nd Secretary of Rimuru Tempest.

Diablo has been shown with his very strong demonic power, Then he also has a calm nature in dealing with any kind of conditions. But he would be furious and furious when someone looked down on Rimuru.

Diablo Facts

There are some interesting facts about the Diablo character in the Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken anime series or commonly called the Slime TenSura anime, here's a brief review:

One of the 7 Demon Primordials

Diablo (Noir) is one of the seven Demons in the anime TenSura (Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken). These 7 Demons are the strongest creatures in the form of "Spirits" such as angels or spirits. Generally, Demons don't have names and walk aimlessly, but they can also go to the upper world or form contracts like Diablo did who was later named by Rimuru.

Diablo's Truth About Shizue Izawa and His Mask

When Diablo answered the demon's summons from the Silver Wing, he had the opportunity to meet Shizue Izawa and witness the Mask. Noir (Diablo's real name) considers that the Mask possessed by Shizue Izawa is a mask that can put time or store unlimited power.

After he returned to the Spiritual world, he continued to observe the journey of Shizue Izawa and his mask. That was when he saw Shizue's mask shattered and turned into Rimuru's hand. So that's where he concludes that Rimuru has a connection with the Mask and has the possibility to find the Secrets of the World or commonly called the "Truth of the World".

Called Noir (Diablo) By Rimuru Tempest

When Rimuru made a large-scale demon summoning in Ramiris' labyrinth, he failed to answer the call and instead, Beretta was summoned. Then Rimuru summoned the Devil again when he wanted to chase after Razen, Well here Diabli was successfully summoned along with his 2 strongest subordinates.

Noir was summoned by using 20,000 corpses of Farmus soldiers, all of those corpses were produced from the massacre by Rimuru.

Noir Receives Diablo's Name from Rimuru Tempest

After the massacre and he was called by rimuru, finally rimuru gave Noir a name, namely Diablo and Diablo evolved into Demon Peer. When naming Diablo to Noir, Rimuru used up Half of his total magic reserves. Even though at that time Rimuru had already become a Demon Lord and possessed 10x the magic energy.

Rimuru's Strongest Subordinate Tempest

Diablo is Rimuru's strongest subordinate and is part of the Black Number. Black Number is Rimuru's strongest combat power. Diablo is also part of the Jura Tempest Federation Executive who often accompanies Rimuru, although Diablo is basically a type of Devil who prefers to be alone.

Loyal and Royal To Rimuru

Diablo is very loyal to his master, Rimuru Tempest. Then he is also a very Royal subordinate by doing whatever Rimuru tells him to do. Diablo is Rimuru's calmest subordinate, but when he hears or sees Rimuru being looked down upon, he becomes furious and furious. Instead, when he sees someone who is kind to rimuru then he will be friendly towards him.

Recruiting the last Devil "Ancestors"

Diablo recruited many Devils to become Rimuru's Subordinates. Among the demons recruited by Diablo, there are 3 very strong devils, namely the last “ancestor” devil. Now that shows that Diablo is the strongest and most royal subordinate to Rimuru Tempest.

Diablo Diablo's strength

is Rimuru's most powerful subordinate. So far there are several Diablo Strengths that have been shown:

Unique Skill

Great Wiseman :

  • Thought Acceleration
  • Chant Annulment
  • All of Creation
  • Law Manipulation

Tempter :

  • Mind Domination
  • Enchantment
  • Request
  • Temptation
  • Reality Exchange

Extra Skills

  • Universal Sense
  • Multilayer Barrier
  • Spatial Travel
  • Demon Lord's Haki


  • Pain Elimination
  • Physical Attack
  • Nullification Abnormal Condition
  • Spiritual Attack
  • Resistance Holy-Demonic Attack
  • Resistance Natural Effect Resistance

Now that was Diablo's power which until now had a known “theory”.

Noir (Black) was Diablo's Spiritual name before Rimuru gave him a name. Diablo was Rimuru's strongest subordinate and was part of the Executive Member and Founder of the Black Corps which had around 711 top-tier Devils.

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