5 Facts about Veldora Tempest "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", the True Dragon Guardian of the Jura Forest

5 Facts about Veldora Tempest "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", the True Dragon Guardian of the Jura Forest

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5 Facts about Veldora Tempest "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", the True Dragon Guardian of the Jura Forest

Veldora Tempest is a very strong creature called the True Dragon. Veldora Tempest had been Sealed by a hero in the past and remained silent for many years in a very dark and “Alone” Cave. Coincidentally Rimuru was in the cave, the cave where Veldora lived was the first cave inhabited by Rimuru after he was reincarnated.

Veldora and rimuru are good friends and they share the name “Tempest” as a symbol of their friendship. The name Rimuru was also given by Veldora. Rimuru releases the Seal that restrains Veldora by eating him (Inserting Veldora into Rimuru's Body). Well, in the latest season, Tensura might show Veldora in his human form.

Veldora Tempest Facts Veldora

Tempest has some interesting facts that you should know, Here's a theoretical review:


Veldora's Gift of Scripture has energetic and dangerous properties. Then he is also not "patient" and tends to tantrum if he feels bored. But after Rimuru gave the Scriptures, Veldora was determined to change his attitude and behavior to become more patient. The Scriptures were in the form of “Manga” or Fantasy stories that he got from Rimuru.

One of

Dragons is one of the 4 True Dragons in Tensura's Story. He keeps the Jura Forest stable and secures every monster in it. So as long as there is Veldora then all the monsters will live in harmony without any strife. For that Veldora is called the Guardian God of the Jura Forest.

An Immortal Being Sealed

As a True Dragon, Veldora was an immortal without the slightest flaw in his body. In the ancient times about 300 years ago, Veldora destroyed the Human City and then he was defeated by the "Hero" who was summoned to defeat him. Now after his defeat, the Hero imprisoned Veldora in an infinite prison (In the Seal) which resulted in him being unable to go anywhere.

Veldora Becomes Human

Veldora agreed to Rimuru's plan to release himself from the infinity confinement. The way Rimuru did it was to swallow Veldora and keep it inside him. While analyzing the infinite prison, Rimuru continued his journey and became the guardian of the jura forest. Meanwhile Veldora spent time looking at Rimuru's past and reading the Scriptures (Manga/Anime).

Raphael did an analysis with a tremendous increase in speed to search for and prepare for Veldora's freedom. Then Veldora used his astral form and occupied one of Rimuru's clones. Despite using rimuru's Clone, Veldora was able to use his true form. Not only that, Veldora was also still an immortal being with the same memories as before.

New Skills Inspired from Manga

After Veldora became a human, he has a new Skill that he gets from the Manga he reads. This might sound strange, but Veldora was able to use his Imagination Power to apply it in real combat.

The Strength of Veldora Tempest

The strength of Veldora Tempest can be classified as Calamity Class, but the beings in that world consider it a disaster or a natural phenomenon.

Veldora Tempest Strength:


There are several Magic used by Veldora, namely:

  • Storm Magic
  • Death-Heralding Wind
  • Black Lightning
  • Storm of Destruction

Ultimate Skill

  • Faust, King of Investigation

Unique Skill

This skill will later evolve into Ultimate Skill Faust (King of Investigation).


  • Natural Effects
  • Abnormal Status Cancellation
  • Pain Relief when fighting or after fighting
  • Strength To block Physical
  • Attack Spiritual
  • Attack Resistance Chaos Attack Resistance

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