8 Floor Guardians of Nazarick “Overlord”, Floor Guardians of the Tomb of Nazarick The

8 Floor Guardians of Nazarick “Overlord”, Floor Guardians of the Tomb of Nazarick The

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8 Floor Guardians of Nazarick “Overlord”, Floor Guardians of the Tomb of Nazarick The

Floor Guardians of Nazarick were Ainz's strongest subordinates who were entrusted with guarding every floor in the Great Tomb of Nazarick. They were Elite NPCs who were given direct Trust by the Supreme Beings.

All of the Dwellers of Nazarick respected the Floor Guardians for their authority and formidable power. The role of Floor Guardians is to defend each floor being guarded. So each Floor Guardian is in charge of defending their respective Floors. Once in the New World, their Tasks became more and more free than before.

Floor Guardians Nazarick

Albedo(Guardian Guard)

Albedo is the Strongest Character among the Floor Guardians. His job was to oversee all the floor guards as well as another task, namely to be the Prime Minister of Nazarick. Albedo possessed extremely terrifying strength, it was proven by her very high position in the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

Aside from her immense Strength, Albedo possessed extremely extraordinary Intelligence. Albedo and Demiurge were subordinates to Ainz's genius, all of which was proven by the many “Plans” that the two of them had devised.

Shalltear Bloodfallen(1st – 3rd

Floor Guardian) Guardian of Nazarick's 1st – 3rd Floors, Shalltear was Ainz's subordinate who possessed immense power and could even corner Ainz in battle. He is a Pure Vampire, so his nature is also very bloodthirsty and easily provoked by something that smells of "Blood" or "Battle". Shalltear was placed as a guard for the 1st – 3rd floors because Ainz wanted to minimize Nazarick's damage. So when someone enters or invades Nazarick's tomb, Shalltear will easily defeat him.

Gargantua(4th Floor

Guard) The guardian of the 4th Floor of Nazarick, Gargantua is a reward NPC from the system after Ainz and other players complete an in-game Mission. So Gargantua wasn't created by the higher-ups of Nazarick, but the original NPC of the game that Ainz got. Gargantua is over 30 Meters tall with a very hard Stone Body. Its power was terrifying and only Ainz could control it.

Gargantua's strength exceeds the Stats of the other floor Guardians. However he had no thoughts and would only activate if Ainz ordered him to.

Cocytus(Guardian of the 5th Floor)

The guardian of the 5th Floor of Nazarick, Cocytus has tremendous fighting power and he is known as a True Warrior. In battle, Cocytus always respects all his opponents and makes him a true warrior even though the opponent he faces is very weak. Cocytus took an important role in the war against the Lizard-Man nation and subjugated them to become subordinates to the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

Aura Bella Fiora&Mare Bello Fiore(6th Floor Guardians)

Guardians of the 6th Floor of Nazarick, Aura and Mare are the 2 Twin Dark Elves who guard the 6th floor of the Tomb of Nazarick. Aura has the ability to control Magical or Magical Beasts. Meanwhile, Mare has the ability to control nature such as moving the ground or controlling the weather.

Demiurge(7th Floor

Guardian) The guardian of the 7th Floor of Nazarick, Demiurge is the guardian of the 7th floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. His power is very great and he even managed to become the mastermind behind Jaldabouth's attack on the kingdom. His intelligence is extraordinary, He devised many perfect Plans to bring the Great Tomb of Nazarick to become Ruler of the New World.

Victim(8th Floor

Guard) The guardian of the 8th Floor of Nazarick, Victim is Nazarick's Life BOMB. His job was to carry out the Suicide Bombing and secure the 8th Floor of Nazarick. If Victim dies, he can be resurrected using the Treasure of Nazarick. So he will not "die" forever if he commits a suicide bombing.

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