Who is Uta in One Piece Film Red? Often dubbed as the World's Greatest Diva

Who is Uta in One Piece Film Red? Often dubbed as the World's Greatest Diva

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Uta Film Red

For ordinary people, it will be difficult to recognize who Uta is in One Piece Film Red, because he is often the talk of One Piece anime movie connoisseurs.

The Red One Piece film is the 15th film in the anime franchise slated for release later this year.

Unlike the previous One Piece films, this time, mangaka and creator Eiichiro Oda will be heavily involved in film production as general producer and supervisor, such as his participation in the Netflix live-action One Piece series.

The film will focus on Shanks, one of the Four Emperors and Luffy's childhood hero. In addition to the red-haired pirate, this film will also feature a mysterious character named Uta, a singer who wants Monkey D. Luffy to stop being a pirate.

Who is Uta in One Piece Film Red? Here's what we know about the female protagonists of the anime films so far.

Who is Uta in One Piece red film?

Dubbed the “world's greatest diva,” Uta is Shanks' daughter and one of the main characters of the One Piece Red films.

In his official film poster, the words in Japanese translate to "Luffy, I want you to stop being a pirate" as seen in the background, indicating that he doesn't want the leader of the Straw Hat Pirates to fulfill his promise to Shanks.

What was Luffy's promise to Shanks?

Luffy promised Shanks that he would become a great pirate, and one day become the Pirate King.

 Shanks, acknowledging his statement, gave him the iconic straw hat and told him to return it after he became a great pirate.

In this film, Uta will most likely be jealous of Luffy because Shanks chose him to take on the task of finding One Piece, the most wanted treasure of the seven seas.

Gordon, the film's main antagonist, takes advantage of this pain and exploits the diva's power.

In terms of strength, Uta is known as the greatest diva in the world of One Piece. It is believed that his voice can change the world.

His voice could bring eternal happiness, or endless prison, according to the first video teaser.

The plot of the film will definitely center around this, where the antagonist will try to harness Uta's powers, while the Straw Hat Pirates try to stop him and save the girl.

Uta's voice actor is Kaori Nazuka, known for her roles as Nunnally Lamperouge in Code Geass, Eureka in Eurak Seven, and Chelsea in Akame Ga Kill.

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