8 Nezuko Kamado's Strength “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”, the Kind-hearted Devil

8 Nezuko Kamado's Strength “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”, the Kind-hearted Devil

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Nezuko Kamado's strength comes from his demonic abilities that have been successfully manipulated into a benevolent demon, he doesn't eat humans. Nezuko becomes a benevolent demon and helps everyone in defeating the evil demon. Until now, he traveled with his brother to eradicate all demons and look for a medicine to restore Nezuko to her human body as before.

Nezuko has an extraordinary ability to use her demon blood technique. He could heal others using his blood technique, all of which was shown after the battle against rank-6 demons was over. Nezuko healed the Demon Slayers who were affected by the devil's poison.

Nezuko Kamado's Strength

Even though Nezuko is not a top-ranking demon, she has a very fast and terrifying development. Nezuko doesn't eat humans and she manages to survive by defending all of them. Overall, Nezuko has a very terrible power and can strengthen every ability very well.

Abnormal Demon Physiology "Chosen Devil"

Nezuko is a chosen demon who can survive and continue to recover his strength without having to eat humans. All of that distinguishes his nature from demons in general, In general, demons need blood and eat humans to restore their strength. But Nezuko didn't do all that, he recovered his strength by falling asleep.

Awakened Form

can change to an "Adult" demon form with tremendous power. His appearance turned very mature with a gaze that was extremely thirsty for battle. In this form, all of Nezuko's abilities become greatly improved and become stronger. With this ability, Nezuko could corner the top-ranked demons with continuous attacks.

Sunlight Resistance

Nezuko can endure and is immune to sunlight. All of that is a very extraordinary achievement, because usually this ability is very impossible to get by the devil.

Immense Regeneration

Nezuko has the power of super-fast regeneration that can heal wounds in the blink of an eye. This ability continues to grow and becomes a very fast regeneration ability than usual.

Immense Strength

Physical strength that has been steadily increasing naturally since gaining demonic power. As previously explained, Nezuko has a very extraordinary ability in the development and increase of strength. One of them is in strengthening his physical strength.

Size Alteration

Perhaps this ability is very rarely known or realized. Nezuko can change her body size to be smaller or bigger. All of this can be seen when he can fit into a bag box and become big when fighting.

Blood Control

Nezuko has the ability to control her blood, she can reconnect the severed parts of her body. These were often seen in battles against high-ranking demons.

Blood Demon Art

Nezuko can use her blood technique to heal human wounds, but this technique is very dangerous if used on demons.

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