Black Clover Chapter 348: Can Asta Save Sister Lily?

Black Clover Chapter 348: Can Asta Save Sister Lily?

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Black Clover Chapter 348: Can Asta Save Sister Lily?

Black Clover Chapter 348: Can Asta Save Sister Lily?

After the events of Black Clover chapter 348, it becomes clear that Asta is a changed man. He is now determined to become the strongest, while fighting his fears to say the same.


In the last chapter, Asta shows his new power, as he has mastered Zetten, allowing him to perform Zetten's Anti-Magic, which is Ultimate's counter attack.

Using this ability, Asta is able to defeat Paladin Yrul instantly, and after doing so, Yrul returns to his normal form.


So, does that mean Asta can use the same thing to save Sister Lily in Black Clover chapter 348?


Black Clover Chapter 348: Can Asta release Sister Lily from Lucius Zogratis's spell?

In Black Clover chapter 348, anime fans can see Asta using his Anti-Magic Zetten. As it turns out, this new technique is quite useful, considering that Asta was able to defeat Paladin Yrul instantly by using it.


However, something that fans have been concerned about is how Paladin Yrul's halo and wings disappeared.

Additionally, Ichika reveals how her Yoryoku (magic) has returned. For that reason, Ryuzen Seven Yosuga came to the conclusion that Asta must have only slashed Yrul's Paladin magic.


Although it is not revealed for sure in Black Clover chapter 348, that Asta can restore Lucius' magic on his Paladin, it does hint at the fact that Asta can defeat Paladins simply by targeting their Paladin's power.


This is only possible because Asta used the Demon-Slasher Katana while in Unite, which has the ability to slash anything without harming the entity the user (Asta) wants to protect.


However, until now, it has not been revealed that this ability can also target magic specifically. Given the benefit of the doubt, it's very possible Asta has destroyed Paladin Yrul's powers, returning him to normal.


However, this could conflict with Asta's Demon-Destroyer Sword exclusive ability, Casualty Break, which is able to dispel any curse or magic afflicted by the opponent.


Given that Casualty Break sounds similar to what Asta must have done with the Demon Slashing Katana, it's likely Asta is simply able to return Yrul to his base form, keeping Lucius' influence over him the same.


Otherwise, what Asta can hone in the latest chapter is the new ability of the Demon Slashing Katana, which he can only activate after learning to use Zetten's Anti-Magic.


Thus the brief information related to Black Clover Chapter 348. Hope you enjoy!


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