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One Piece Chapter 1073: There is an Official Name of a Gorosei Member

17 Mar 2023 0 Comments

One Piece Chapter 1073: There is an Official Name of a Gorosei Member


One Piece Chapter 1073: There is an Official Name of a Gorosei Member

One Piece Chapter 1073 was released on Tuesday, 24 January 2023, bringing some very interesting and surprising developments.


One of the biggest revelations of this issue is the official naming of a member of the Gorosei. The member in question is the member with the gray dreadlocks and a scar on the left side of his face.

The Gorosei member named Saint Jegarcia Saturn in One Piece Chapter 1073 is also seen heading to Egghead Island with Admiral Kizaru.

While fans are no doubt intrigued by his actions and his motivations for going to Egghead Island, there is another aspect of this reveal that is being heavily ironed out for now.

In particular, fans have been curious if Jegarcia Saturn's apparently interstellar name is indicative of a possible naming scheme for the other members of the Gorosei, based on their introduction scene.

The naming of Saint Jegarcia Saturn One Piece Chapter 1073 can be a naming system for other Gorosei members

One Piece Chapter 1073 spoilers begin with Stussy briefly fighting and subduing Lucci before lulling him to sleep with a bite like he did to Kaku.

It is confirmed that Stussy is a mysterious ally of Dr. Vegapunk and that he never intended for him to become a member of CP0.

Stussy then reveals that he cannot reverse Lucci's order to stop the Seraphim.

Thankfully, Vegapunk Lilith and Vegapunk Edison arrived and gave orders after Zoro and Sanji clashed with S-Hawk and S-Shark respectively.

The issue then briefly shows Luffy and Chopper looking for Dr. Vegapunk and Bonney before moving the scene to Sphinx Island.

Here, it is revealed that the Marines came to Sphinx Island while Marco was away, but Edward Weevil protected him.

However, One Piece Chapter 1073 later confirmed that Weevil was captured by Admiral Ryokugyu, prompting Bakkin to ask Marco to bring his son back.

He seems hesitant at first, prompting Bakkin to scream about his son's lineage, before the scene changes to Admiral Kizaru's ship.

This is where fans see and learn the name Saint Jegarcia Saturn.

While this issue is clearly important in a number of ways, fans are very interested in the name of Saint Jegarcia Saturn and whether it may indicate the names of other members of the Gorosei.

Particularly seen as the basis for this theory is the introductory scene from the Gorosei, which sees five people sitting around a table with Luffy's wanted poster on it.

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