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Blue Lock Anime Synopsis, Best Team Sports Anime 2022

21 Nov 2022 0 Comments

Blue Lock Anime Synopsis, Best Team Sports Anime 2022


Blue Lock Anime Synopsis, Best Team Sports Anime 2022

Blue Lock synopsis which tells about the battle between football players who are required to be selfish. Everyone has to fight and beat each other. There is only 1 best player. They have to fight their way to the top of a striker and become the best on the world stage.

Anime Blue Lock has a very good storyline, a soccer game that is very different from similar storylines. The Blue Lock anime tells about the competition between football players to be the best and they have to knock each other out to be the best alone.

Blue Lock Synopsis Blue Lock

anime synopsis: This anime tells about the journey of soccer players to become the best players in the world. In the process, they enter the Blue Lock training area which is very different from the concept of playing football in general. There they are forced to become very selfish players and win games alone, scoring goals without looking at the other players.

All participants have their own goals and decide to fight in the Blue Lock, their dreams will be at stake there. Each participant has very different abilities and they are in their respective positions to win the game. A striker with extraordinary special abilities.

In football, every player is required to master several very important skills such as kicking or heading the ball. A striker must master it all and score as many goals as possible. Being selfish is an important point that they must apply.

All participants work hard to reach the pinnacle of training and competition in Blue Lock, They all risk everything to become the best in the world. Because their dreams are at stake, If they lose, Then their dreams will be lost forever.

The competition starts very tightly. Every day there is always a match or training that forces them to awaken the monsters that are in their bodies. To be a selfish striker and to be the best in the world, that was the real goal for all of them.



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