Boruto Chapter 77: Hinata Slaps Kawaki Makes Fans Uproar

Boruto Chapter 77: Hinata Slaps Kawaki Makes Fans Uproar

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Boruto Chapter 77: Hinata Slaps Kawaki Makes Fans Uproar


Boruto Chapter 77: Hinata Slaps Kawaki Makes Fans Uproar

In the Boruto chapter 77 series, fans can finally see the aftermath of Kawaki realizing that Boruto can make contact with Momoshiki.

These spoilers reveal a lot of information as the manga finally seems to have started its move towards a time jump, considering that Kawaki ends up doing the unexpected.

However, the Boruto chapter 77 spoiler finally caused a big debate in the fanbase or among fans, because Hinata was seen slapping Kawaki.

The context surrounding the story has sparked a huge stir among fans, who are now debating whether it is right for Hinata to do the same.

Hinata slapped Kawaki in Boruto chapter 77

To give fans some context, in this chapter, Kawaki is seen leaving the house where he, Boruto, Eida , and Daemon live together.

He is then seen returning home, where he repeats his intention to kill Boruto for being controlled by Momoshiki Otsutsuki.

He also expresses his guilt for failing at the same time in his previous attempt.

This causes Hinata to snap as she slaps Kawaki for wanting to kill his brother.

Fans or fans should know that this is the first time Hinata has heard that Kawaki previously tried to kill his son.

Hearing that, as well as her intention to kill him a second time, caused him to flinch.

He still considers Kawaki as his own son because he himself refers to him as Boruto's brother. However, the fan base began to debate the incident.

Initially, most of the fandom was angry at Hinata for slapping Kawaki. They feel Hinata doesn't deserve to do it because Kawaki is a victim of child abuse. So, slapping him will only make the situation worse.

However, other fans see no point in the argument, seeing as Hinata did not abuse him but instead disciplined him for wanting to kill his own son.

In fact, some fans are genuinely happy for Kawaki to be slapped, as there have been several instances in the past where he has crossed a line.

Fans have also observed how Hinata still regards Kawaki as her own son, considering he referred to her as Boruto's brother in the series chapter.

They believe that Hinata is a good mother figure and teaches them to be disciplined and do good things.




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