4 Zenith Greyrat Facts

4 Zenith Greyrat Facts

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4 Zenith Greyrat Facts

4 Zenith Greyrat Facts

Zenith Greyrat is Paul Greyrat's first wife and mother of Rudeus Greyrat. Zenith was originally an S rank adventurer who belonged to the Paul Greyrat Group. Zenith Greyrat's strength lies in his Magic ability which is currently passed down to Rudeus Greyrat.

Zenith Greyrat was first introduced in Episode 1 at the birth of Rudeus Greyrat. She looks beautiful and charming with a perfect body shape. Her appearance is very attractive and looks elegant when wearing sleepwear and her girlish aura that continues to stick even though she is married.

Zenith Greyrat Facts

Zenith Greyrat Is the Mother of Rudeus Greyrat (Rudi), She gave birth to Rudy and raised him to become a strong and great child in Magic. Zenith Greyrat is also Paul Greyrat's First Wife. Apart from that, there are other interesting facts about the Zenith Greyrat Mushoku Tensei character. Here's the review:

Former Lord Latreia

At first Zenith was a noble family with the name Zenith Latreia. However, because the noble families had very strict rules, Zenith decided to go to the Outer World and try to become an Adventurer. Zenith has abilities in Healing Magic. so in the Guild later he will become Support.

The Perfect Woman

Zenith Greyrat is the perfect woman with a beautiful and charming appearance. as a young woman, she has a perfect body shape. Then She is also a mother who can do anything to take care of her home and children. Well, Paul Greyrat as her husband feels happy and satisfied with Zenith's presence in her life.

Kind and Compassionate

Zenith is someone who is kind to anyone including Lilia who has become Paul Greyrat's mistress. He also loves his family including the plants he grows. His kindness is increasingly making him a favorite among Mushoku Tensei fans.

Zenith Affected by Impaired Expression

Zenith was trapped in a dungeon, he was under a lot of pressure when he was in the dungeon. After the Zenith was successfully saved, he received an interference with his Expression which resulted in the Zenith's Expression not working actively. Zenith considers everything that happens to be a dream and "mental disorder/trance". Now that makes her look like a woman without an empty mind.

Zenith Greyrat's power

Zenith Greyrat has an extremely powerful healing Magic power and obtained an S-Rank Adventurer. After Zenith was trapped in the Dungeon and trapped in the Crystal. He has the power of telepathy to be able to read other people's minds. However, this power has an effect on its use, namely that it will feel like it is in a dream and cannot speak as usual.

The effect of Zenith's Telepathic Power makes her a woman who is empty and doesn't talk much. That made everyone assume that Zenith had lost all of his memories. But in fact, Zenith just couldn't reveal everything due to the effect of his Telepathic power.

Greyrat's Zenith Strength Achievements :

  • Fire Magic – Basic Level
  • Water Magic – Basic Level
  • Healing Magic – Intermediate Level
  • Warding Magic – Intermediate Level
  • Miko Power = Telepathy

Zenith Greyrat is the mother of Rudeus Greyrat (Rudy). She is the perfect woman with abilities that all men desire. Currently Zenith Greyrat has 2 children namely Rudeus Greyrat and Norn Greyrat.




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