Boruto Chapter 77: Kawaki Traps Hinata and Naruto

Boruto Chapter 77: Kawaki Traps Hinata and Naruto

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Boruto Chapter 77: Kawaki Traps Hinata and Naruto


Boruto Chapter 77: Kawaki Traps Hinata and Naruto

Boruto chapter 77 took a dark turn, when Kawaki turned against the person he idolized.

This is a betrayal that really hurts a lot. Fans, however, have been predicting this will happen. When Kawaki goes to extremes in this series chapter.

In chapter 76, Kawaki caught Boruto talking to Momoshiki and asked to start his own mission.

So, in Boruto chapter 77, fans witnessed Naruto and Hinata being trapped by Kawaki from another dimension so they could carry out their plan.

Fans can expect some high-octane drama and of course, a much-anticipated time in the series.

Boruto chapter 77, how did Kawaki frame Hinata and Naruto?

Kawaki can preserve whatever he chooses in a dimension where time does not pass, leaving it in a pristine state, using a dōjutsu called Daikokuten.

He has the power to restore that individual or object at any time. As such, fans saw Kawaki use a dōjutsu to get Naruto and Hinata out of his way in the final pages of Boruto chapter 77. The two were powerless to intervene and get sucked into this other dimension.

Kawaki received the dojutsu from Isshiki, when his reconstructed Karma was activated by the trigger. This gave him access to many of Isshiki's jutsu.

Why did Kawaki frame Hinata and Naruto?

In Boruto chapter 77, Kawaki visits Naruto and Hinata at their house. He then thanked Naruto once again, for changing him by giving him new life.

Otherwise, his life would be wasted as a vessel for Ohtsutsuki. Even Naruto was overwhelmed with the way he was doing at this point.

However, the cult doesn't end there, as circumstances take an unexpected turn. Kawaki stated that people like Naruto were too good for the world and thus kept getting killed.

He was afraid that Ohtsutsuki would kill him. He chose to face Momoshiki who had instilled his Karma in Boruto. It's only a matter of time before Momoshiki takes Boruto's body and resurrects himself.

Both Naruto and Hinata are shocked and will do anything to protect Boruto.

Naruto even stated in Boruto chapter 77 that Kawaki must kill him first to reach his son. However, instead of dealing with them, the latter uses a dōjutsu to teleport Naruto and Hinata to another dimension.


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