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Why Does Sarada Uchiha Have Bad Eyesight in Boruto? Check out the Explanation!

by Staff Okuen 20 Jan 2023 0 Comments

Why Does Sarada Uchiha Have Bad Eyesight in Boruto? Check out the Explanation!


Why Does Sarada Uchiha Have Bad Eyesight in Boruto? Check out the Explanation!

It has been a question until now, why Sarada Uchiha has bad eyesight, so she often wears glasses.

In the anime series Borotu fans are excited to see a new generation of Shinobi.

They can see similarities between the characters and their parents, as Boruto and his sister Himawari are similar to Naruto and Hinata.

However, this is not the case with Sarada Uchiha, as she not only looks different from her mother Sakura but also wears glasses, something very unusual within the Uchiha clan.

The reason why Sarada Uchiha often wears glasses?

While the Boruto community has long joked that Sarada needs glasses because her mother's genes were so weak it damaged her eyesight, this is far from the truth.

Sarada needed glasses to correct her eyesight ever since she was a child, according to the story she got.

When Sarada was young, she had a high fever, whereupon Sasuke went on a mission to gather information about the Otsutsuki.

While Sakura cares for her daughter during her illness, the fever gets progressively higher over the long term, causing Sarada's eyesight to deteriorate.

Because of this, in a time of need, Karin decided to help Sakura by sending a pair of glasses for Sarada Uchiha's blurred vision.

He wore these glasses for years, as they eventually made him doubt whether Karin was his real mother because of the photo of his father he saw with him.

This in itself causes havoc as Sarada runs away from Sakura in search of her father and the "real" mother Karin.

However, at the end of the arc, Sarada manages to meet her father after a long time. At that time, he found out that Karin gave him glasses only because his illness had damaged his eyes.

As for the cause of her own fever, it is revealed that Sarada has a fever because she developed the Sharingan at a young age due to the trauma of being abandoned.

This caused his fever to attack his sensitive eyes, eventually resulting in impaired vision and the need for corrective lenses.

It was Sarada Uchiha who wore glasses in the series, thinking it would be interesting.

The glasses were apparently only added for aesthetic purposes. This is Kishimoto's way of making Sarada look super cute every time she takes off her glasses.