Boruto Episode 218: Naruto Activates His Baryon Mode

Boruto Episode 218: Naruto Activates His Baryon Mode

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Boruto Episode 218: Naruto Activates His Baryon Mode


Boruto Episode 218: Naruto Activates His Baryon Mode

In Boruto Episode 218, despite Naruto's heroic efforts against Isshiki, the series takes a heavy toll by killing its strongest heroes.


Naruto finds himself having to increase his strength like never before to protect his son, as well as Sasuke and Kawaki.

Isshiki finally appeared in his Ōtsutsuki form, causing the Hokage to activate his Baryon Mode and attain god chakra levels in the secret dimension.

Unfortunately, despite the efforts of Konoha's leaders, this series took a heavy toll in Boruto Episode 218 by killing its strongest hero.

While many fans worry that Naruto died in this episode of the series, the sacrifice was actually made by the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, Kurama.

Ironically, the most senior Monster debuted in the first episode of Naruto back in 2002. 19 years later, on the same day, the mythical creature officially died when he sacrificed himself for his master Naruto.

Boruto Episode 218: Kurama's Death Saves Naruto from Death

It was a heartbreaking death, and what makes it more sentimental is that he tricked Naruto, all to save the person who has been ingrained in him for decades in Boruto Episode 218.

This is because of the Baryon Mode agreement where Kurama tells Naruto that once Isshiki's body runs out, the Hokage's energy will also run out and the leader will die.

With Isshiki now reduced to dust, Naruto enters the astral plane where he readily accepts moving on to the afterlife, but the fox admits that he misled Naruto.

Kurama actually knew all he would disappear, which was against the rules when the container for the Tailed Beasts was taken apart.

Usually it was his master who died but in fact Baryon, Kurama would vanish into nothingness, leaving the Hokage with the memories of everything they shared together. It got very emotional, reminiscent of when Naruto met his mother, Kushina, and father, Minato, because as much as Kurama was a sibling, he was also a parent.

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