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One Punch Man Chapter 177 Coming Soon, Here's What Will Be Present!

by Staff Okuen 19 Dec 2022 0 Comments

One Punch Man Chapter 177 Coming Soon, Here's What Will Be Present!

One Punch Man Chapter 177 Coming Soon, Here's What Will Be Present!

Fans are looking forward to the release of One Punch Man chapter 177, because chapter 176 has been released a few days ago.

While Mangaka Yusuke Murata has been publishing his chapters every two weeks, his update on chapter 176 gave a hint as to when fans can expect the next chapter to be released.

The previous chapter showed fans how Psykos gained the ability of the third eye and eventually turned evil after looking into the future.

The chapter then shifts its focus to the current timeline as Fubuki and Tatsumaki put on a show in front of Tsukuyomi and the Hero Association as the two try to save Psykos.

When will One Punch Man chapter 177 be released?

One Punch Man chapter 176 will be the last chapter to be released this year.

This obviously means that the next update, which is chapter 177, is expected to be released next year.

Remembering how Yusuke Murata released his manga chapter in Tonari no Young Jump. fans can expect One Punch Man Chapter 177 to be released on January 5 or January 12, 2023, which automatically means that the manga is set to continue with the previous chapter, depending on when the next anime is released.

One Punch Man chapter 177 will most likely follow exactly where the previous chapter ended, where Saitama falls into a hole formed at the Special Internment facility, after which he finds himself in a demon-level monster containment level.

Here, the Hero Association contains all the demon-level monsters that Saitama can force to fight in the next chapter.

As for the plot surrounding the Tsukuyomi group, it is speculated that a new mysterious group is forming. because the group's name means Japanese Moon God. This, along with the fact that Psykos saw something happen through her celestial ability, hints at Tsukuyomi pursuing Psykos to use her celestial ability.

Chapter 176 also confirms that Tsukuyomi is the group that experimented on Tatsumaki when he was young.

Given that the group was never introduced in the original webcomic by ONE, it's likely that mangaka Yusuke Murata used such a change in storyline to set up the ending of the manga series. Therefore, several other storylines can be presented in One Punch Man chapter 177.