Doron Dororon: Samurai Officer Suffers His First

Doron Dororon: Samurai Officer Suffers His First

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Doron Dororon Doron Dororon has been in serial for several months now, but the Samurai manga easily deals with its worst villains.

At least, that was true until the story introduced the culprit who brought Mononoke into his world.

Even worse is that these same characters are already on the move to attack the Samurai headquarters, and the death of a powerful Samurai officer marks the beginning of their assault. After learning that the Mononoke had started to cluster near the Izanagi Corps Headquarters, the high echelons of the Samurai gathered and made a defensive move.

All of his strongest officers were summoned. Most were tasked with defending the base, while Namishiro Kitabatake led his team to attack Mononoke's group, where they also encountered Hanzo Miyamoto himself.

For more details, let's see the explanation of the Doron Dororon story further! Doron Dororon: Brutal Attack Occurs

As Kitabatake moves to destroy the suspicious gate, Miyamoto's bandaged figure appears and is accompanied by Mononoke's doron dororon skeleton, which immediately attacks Kitabatake.

The attack was powerful enough to pierce the Samurai Assist Isoname, who was widely known for his defensive abilities.

Seeing Kitabatake's level of power, Miyamoto couldn't help but think that Goki Tsukahara's level of power would not match his or even his subordinates. The villain's statement made Kitabatake uneasy, prompting the Samurai Officer to rely on so-called strength of heart.

Despite this impressive determination, his attempts still fail as the only damage he can inflict on Mononoke's skeleton is severing his arm.

Kitabatake's own body was left lifeless, leaning against a tree in a sitting position.

Her courage and determination cheered the Mononoke skeleton to some degree, but Miyamoto steadfastly refused to believe in the strength of his supposed heart.

He closed Kitabatake's lifeless eyes and gave his corpse as food to restore Mononoke's lost limbs.

After two days of no news, those who returned to base acknowledged and accepted Team Kitabatake's death, but not without deep sorrow.

His departure spurred the fighting spirit of the other Samurai Officers, prompting them to swear vengeance for their fallen comrades.

Dora and Kusanagi were also devastated by Kitabatake's death. The resolve of the two increased and they even begged Tsukahara to teach them how to become stronger, giving the old Samurai a chance to preach about the so-called power of the heart.

That's about the tragic story of the death of Doron Dororon kitabatake from the attack.



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