Overlord Season 2 Anime Synopsis, A New Hero Is Born !!

Overlord Season 2 Anime Synopsis, A New Hero Is Born !!

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Overlord Season 2 Anime Synopsis, A New Hero Is Born !!

Ainz Ooal Gown was used to living in a new world and was constantly searching for information throughout the land. The information search was carried out by several residents of the Tomb of Nazarick including Ainz and Gown himself.

The Tomb of Nazarick Continues to be Developed from defense to expansion. For now, Ainz still had many things to watch out for, one of which was the group that controlled Shalltear.

In season 1 Shalltear was controlled and braved against Nazarick. The fight was cleared up right away by Ainz and Shaltear was revived. However, with this incident Ainz and the Tomb of Nazarick became increasingly aware of their surroundings.

Season 2 of the Overlord anime begins with the battle against Lizard Man. It was immediately announced in Episode 1 which was marked by a threat from Nazarick to the Lizard Man nation.

The Battle Against the Lizard-Man Nation

This battle began in the early episode of Overlord season 2. Nazarick ordered Cocytus to be in charge of this battle and the lizard man nation received a warning in episode 1.

After receiving the Warning from Nazarick. The Lizard-man nation united forces like a war in the past. That is to unite all the lizardman tribes that have always existed in the swamp.

There are 7 tribes of Lizard Man. But all of them dispersed and lived in different swamps. The 7 Lizardman Tribes include Green Claw, Small Fang, Razor Tail, Dragon Tusk, Yellow Speckle, Sharp Edge, and Red Eye.

All the Lizard Man Tribe gathered to fight Cocytus and his army which in the end Lizard Man won. Cocytus' defeat was due to his arrogant attitude and underestimation of the lizard-man nation so he didn't plan his strategy perfectly.

The 2nd War began with the Royal Procession led directly by Ainz. Actually the Lizard Man would be exterminated but with the suggestion from Cocytus and Demiugre that the Lizard Man would be of use to Nazarick. So the mission changed from exterminating to subjugating the lizard-man nation.

Cocytus fought the lizard-man nation head-on at full strength without underestimating him again. The battle was witnessed by Ainz and his subordinates using magic similar to “TV” haha

​​Cocytus won and Ainz revived the lizard-man who had the potential to evolve and become Nazarick's loyal subordinate. In the Lizard-man Nation Cocytus became the leader and trained and looked after the lizard-man nation to be of use to Nazarick.

The story of Sebas, the Savior who is considered a traitor

Sebas is a butler assigned to look for information in the city. During his mission, Sebas met a girl who was being tortured and Sebas saved her.

Sebas took care of him but Solution who was his partner did not agree with what Sebas was doing. Then Ainz found out and Sebas was given a test that made him have to kill the woman he saved.

It was done to test Sebas' loyalty to the Tomb of Nazarick. Sebas successfully passed the test and brought the woman to Nazarick to become a Servant under his charge.

Sebas' battle with the Eight-finger Organization

After passing Ainz's test. The woman he didn't kill (because it was just a loyalty test) was kidnapped by the Eight Fingers Organization. However, this battle did not last long because Sebas and several royal soldiers managed to defeat the enemy easily.

The Birth of a New Hero and the Success of Demiurge's Mission

while Sebas was saving his friend. Demiurge and the rest of Ainz's subordinates were on a mission to find high-level items from the Eight Fingers organization. And that mission also became a Mission that raised Momonga's Name as the New Hero in the Kingdom.

Momonga became a hero for repelling the high-level monster Jaldabaoth who was actually Demiurge. The Black Crow Hero is the nickname given by the royal warriors and he became famous since that incident.

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