Facts and 10 Strengths of Choso "Jujutsu Kaisen", the Enemy Who Becomes Allies. Yuji Itadori's brother??

Facts and 10 Strengths of Choso "Jujutsu Kaisen", the Enemy Who Becomes Allies. Yuji Itadori's brother??

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Choso's power is the ability to manipulate his own blood and then he can also use poison blood techniques. Choso is a villain in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime, but at the end of the fight he becomes Yuji Itadori's ally and fights Geto.

Choso loves his siblings very much and even wants to create a safe world for them. For this purpose, he chooses to join the Geto Spirit army and plans to create the world he wants. So from here, Choso began to follow Suguru Geto and became part of his cursed spirit "Army".

Choso Jujutsu Kaisen Facts The Choso

Death Painting

is one of the Nine "Womb Paintings" of Death, the Painting comes from a woman who has the ability to give birth to a "Cursed Spirit". Well Choso and all his brothers are kept in a jujutsu school, Then the Sukuna Fingers are also stored along with the Painting.

Choso remembers a few events in the past, he says that Noritoshi Kamo is a man who did experiments on his mother and is the third parent because he mixed his blood into Choso's body when he was still in his mother's womb. Well even though he doesn't remember much about his past, he still remembers Naritoshi and has a "Revenge" for him for playing games with his mother and brother.

Choso gets the Body

Before the Shibuya Incident, the Death Painting along with the Sukuna's fingers were taken by Mahito from a jujutsu school. After that Mahito gave "Body" to Choso and his brother. So from there Choso thought to follow Mahito and Geto to create a safe world for all his brothers.

At the time of the Shibuya Incident, Choso and joga and hanami were at the station. At that time they fought Gojo, but Gojo managed to beat all of them. After Gojo used his Domain Expansion, Gojo was sealed because the natural prison prepared by Geto had succeeded in sealing Gojo.

Choso is Yuji Itadori's Brother ????

Choso plans to kill Yuji to avenge his dead brother. There he fights with Yuji with enormous killing intent. But then Choso “Remembered” something that crossed his mind. He saw all his brothers were eating together and Yuji was there. In those memories, Yuji Itadori was his younger brother. Well after that he was sure that Yuji Itadori was one of his younger siblings.


's power is blood manipulation, he is able to manipulate his own blood and use poisoned blood. Its poisonous blood is capable of attacking and injuring very strong curse users. Then he is also able to feel all the blood associated with it. This is shown when he feels the death of his brother.

Blood Manipulation

Choso can use the Blood Manipulation Technique that he got when the Kamo family carried out the Experiment on his mother who was pregnant with him. Choso can use this technique to manipulate his own blood, he is often seen using this technique in battle.

Slicing Exorcism

Choso uses his blood flow to attack enemies on a large scale. This power can slice the enemy's body quickly and strongly and the damage given is also large.


This technique is used by condensing the Blood to its limit. Then the condensed blood is used in battle to attack or defend against enemy attacks.

Piercing Blood

This technique is used by clapping his hands together. Then an extremely thin and sharp stream of blood shot out from his fingertips. The blood flow will shoot towards the enemy like the "Arrows" of the Kamo family, but the one possessed by Choso has enormous power and pressure. Then the blood flow can also be used to deliver toxic blood.

Now by using this technique, Choso is able to inject his poisonous blood into enemies from a great distance. Then this technique is also very strong, so the damage given is able to injure high-level curse users.


This technique is used by making small balls made of blood and then shot in all directions like a Machine Gun. Now this technique can reach many areas quickly and accurately. Usually he uses this technique to distract the enemy which then he uses his weapon to attack the target.

Blood Edge

Choso uses this technique by rotating his blood very strongly and then using it in battle. The blood spin is very powerful, Fast and Deadly.

Flowing Red Scale

This power is simply extraordinary. Choso manipulates all the blood in his body including pulse, temperature, blood cells and all of its composition. After Choso uses this technique, a mark will appear around his eyes. By using this technique he is able to strengthen and accelerate everything in his body so that his abilities also increase sharply.

Flowing Red Scale: Stack

After Choso Increases body speed and strength using Flowing Red Scale. He uses the Flowing Red Scale: Stack technique to increase the strength and speed of his body again. So the ability will be higher than usual and even increased many times.

Blood Meteorite

Choso also usually uses a technique that is used to form a stone made of hardened blood and launch it at the enemy.

So, those are the facts and strengths of Choso which have been shown so far. However, there is a possibility that his strength will continue to grow and also watch the next interesting facts about the character of Choso Jujutsu Kaisen.

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