Mei Mei Facts and 2 Power "Jujutsu Kaisen", User of the Crow Technique

Mei Mei Facts and 2 Power "Jujutsu Kaisen", User of the Crow Technique

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Mei Mei's power comes from her Crow manipulation power, She is able to control the crows she uses in battle. Then he also brought the Big Ax as a weapon (Until now it is still a mystery).

Mei Mei tends to ask for "Bonuses" before carrying out her duties, even so she is indispensable in battle. Mei Mei was a very powerful Magician, and even her power was able to kill an enemy in an instant.

Mei Mei Facts Mei Mei

's Youth

When Mei-mei was young, she was on a mission that made her trapped in a magical barrier and the Cursed Spirit contained within it. Then he and Utahime continue to look for ways to get out of the barrier. That's where Gojo, Geto and Shoko appear destroying the barrier and all the cursed spirits that exist.

Mei Mei is a "Senior" in the wizarding world, so she must have enormous and terrifying power. Many theories say that he has a high-class magician Level.

Interested In Maki's Strength Zenin

Mei Mei saw the Goodwill Event, Then she noticed Maki who was fighting and thought she was a very strong woman. Then he asked, Why is maki not promoted?? even though he has enough strength to “Up”. There Gojo said that the Zenin Family got in the way of it all.

Mei Mei promoted Panda and Maki to become Class 1 Magicians, it was because their strength was enough and Mei Mei also had other reasons.

Shibuya Incident

In Shibuya Incident, Mei Mei and her sister and Yuji are at a funeral. Meanwhile Gojo was monitoring the Situation in Shibuya. Then they heard the information that there was a big curtain appearing, Hearing the information they immediately went to the scene. So after arriving at the station, Mei Mei along with UI UI and Yuji were informed of the situation there, then Mei Mei used her crow to see the situation around.

After getting enough information, the Crow that had Mei Mei was killed. But the information he got had reached him. Mei Mei tells Yuju and Uiui to go separately because inside there are many mutated humans and there are humans who need help too. Well there Yuji already thought that all of these events were Mahito's doing. But Mei Mei said that she didn't see Mahito.

After Mei-mei saved people, she rushed to meet Yuji and headed to Basement 5. After they got there, they immediately rushed to the place where people were trapped. But in that place there was only 1 person trapped and they rushed to the location of Gojo.

There Yuji, Mei Mei and Ui Ui were informed by Kokichi that Gojo had been sealed. A few moments later Mei Mei met Geto and this surprised Mei Mei. Then Mei Mei fought the God of Smallpox.

Mei Mei

Mei Mei is a very strong woman and she is even able to kill enemies using only her crow. Mei Mei's strength has not been fully demonstrated, but until now there are several that she has shown, Here's the power of Mei Mei Jujutsu Kaisen:

Black Bird Manipulation

This technique is used to control crows and see and feel everything that the crow sees. This technique is Mei mei's cursed technique, usually this technique he uses to gather information and is developed into an attack technique.

Bird Strike

Bird Strike is a crow's "suicide" technique, it removes the crow's curse energy limit and then launches it towards the enemy. This Bird Strike has enormous damage and even now only Satoru Gojo has managed to withstand the Bird Strike attack technique.

So, those are the facts and strengths of May Mei that have been shown so far, but there is a possibility that in the future there will be more interesting facts about May Mei. So keep on with the story.

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