Facts and 13 Strengths of Mare Bello Fiore "Overlord", the Dark Elf of Nature Control

Facts and 13 Strengths of Mare Bello Fiore "Overlord", the Dark Elf of Nature Control

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Facts and 13 Strengths of Mare Bello Fiore "Overlord", the Dark Elf of Nature Control

Mare Bello Fiore is the younger brother of Aura who is his twin brother. Unlike Aura, Mare looks very feminine even though he is a man. Currently Mare is in the Great Tomb of Nazarick as a guardian of the 6th floor.

Mare and his aura are created by Bukubukuchagama as Dark Elf who have different abilities. The two of them were twin Dark Elves who had beautiful eyes and terrifying strength. However, when viewed from his appearance, Mare Bello Fiore is very feminine and is seen as someone who is "Coward" because he always hides behind Aura's back.

Mare Bello Fiore Facts Mare Bello

Fiore has a very different personality from her twin sister Aura. Mare tends to look shy and resembles a woman, despite the fact that she is a male. Despite that, Mare was very obedient to his brother as well as to Ainz who was the ruler of the great tomb of Nazarick. Mare Bello Fiore was very loyal to Ainz, he would do anything for the benefit of his master. Then Mare would also be very angry when he heard that his master was being looked down upon by others. Moreover, Mare had always acted with Ainz's permission and tried not to make the slightest mistake.

Mare often lazes by reading a book in the library or sleeping all day long. But all that changed when he was given input by Ainz with very positive words and made him more enthusiastic about work. Mare always visits the other floors for “Fun” and patrols through the forest.

The reason Mare became shy and obedient was because its creator, Bukubukughama, believed that a younger brother should obey his older sister. So for that reason, Bukubukuchagma created the Twin Dark Elf according to his own thoughts.

Mare's Strength Bello Fiore

Mare is a Druid who is able to control Nature and give strength to all his comrades in battle. Many said that Mare Bello Fiore's strength would be comparable to Shalltear's and able to compete in the position of the 2 strongest subordinates of Ainz. This is evidenced by his very balanced strength between physical and Magic.

Mare can use a “Demon” tier Shir which he can use for himself or to give to his allies. In addition, Mare can also expand the range of the magic he uses. So Mare Bello Fiore is very Perfect in Solo and Squad fights.

As the controller of Nature, Mare can create natural Objects such as rocks and adjust the Weather to provide nutrients to nature itself.

Mare Bello Fiore's Magic Spell :
  • Control Cloud: Used to change Clouds (level 4 magic).
  • Weather Control: Used to set the Weather (Magic level 6).
  • Detect Life
  • Earth Dragon Earth
  • Wave
  • Earthquake: This spell is used to destroy the ground structure from top to bottom. This magic can also be used to shape an object within a certain area, but basically this magic is used to destroy the Earth Structure and kill enemy troops on a large scale. This magic can also split the earth and close it again.
  • Magic Shield: Magic Protection.
  • Mass Middle Cure Wounds
  • Nature's Shelter: Mare can use tier 10 Divine Magic, which allows him to create a sheltered area with the illusion of an endless sky within an Earth Bunker.
  • Power of Gaia
  • Woodland Stride
  • Stream of Lava: Mare can use very strong fire magic (Magic level 10).
  • HP Recovery

Apart from the above powers, Mare also has 2 High-Rank Dragons with Level 90. These dragons belong to the Ultra-Rare Dragon species. Which means there are only a few in the world. Or maybe there are only 2 in the world.

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