Facts and 4 Powers of Dagon "Jujutsu Kaisen", the Cursed Spirit With

Facts and 4 Powers of Dagon "Jujutsu Kaisen", the Cursed Spirit With

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His Swarms Dagon's power comes from the swarms of cursed Spirits from the sea that he summons. Dagon with Jogo and Mahito attacked the jujutsu school, Then they also played an important role in the attack on the Shibuya incident which resulted in the deaths of many civilians and jujutsu magicians.

Dagon is a cursed womb that has a head shape resembling an octopus. The appearance of his body is often covered by a cloth that covers most of his body. Then he also has strong muscles that allow him to attack with enormous physical strength.

Facts Dagon Jujutsu Kaisen

Dagon has the ability and loyalty that he dedicates to all his colleagues. However, there is very little information related to it. This is caused by the lack of scenes that show and tell about it. Dagon is a cursed spirit that is very briefly in the jujutsu kaisen storyline. But he has an important role in the Shibuya incident.

Dagon is a very arrogant person and despises all existing wizards. He tends to overestimate his strength and mock his enemies. Even so he did have great strength but not as great as he thought. Dagon manages to corner Nanami which then Jogo attacks Nanami suddenly.

Strength Dagon

is a special grade cursed Spirit and has a lot of cursed energy at his disposal. Its cursed energy is used to attack the enemy with maximum strength. Then he is also seen to be able to fly in the air and has extraordinary body resistance. Dagon is able to withstand every attack launched by the enemy and does not feel pain after his body is damaged.

Disaster Tides Disaster

Wave Technique is used by releasing a very large amount of water and then followed by a cursed creature that attacks the enemy. The water that has been circulated can be sucked back together with the humans trapped in it. This can be seen in the Shibuya incident, when he issued a very large wave of water and then pulled it back along with the humans trapped in it.

Death Swarm

This technique is used to summon swarms of Shikigami sea monsters. This sea monster shikigami is used to attack enemy targets and bite them brutally.

Horizon of the Captivating Skandha

This is Dagon's special territory. It looks like a calm and beautiful ocean with lots of shikigami in it. This area can only be entered by certain people, if someone else enters then the shikigami will immediately bite him. Horizon of the Captivating Skandha has chairs and umbrellas for relaxing, Usually Geto and Mahito always use them to relax.

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