Facts and 5 Strengths of Masamichi Yaga "Jujutsu Kaisen", Panda Creator

Facts and 5 Strengths of Masamichi Yaga "Jujutsu Kaisen", Panda Creator

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Masamichi Yaga's power is controlling inanimate objects by inserting a curse into it and giving life to the target of the inanimate object. He can control a puppet that is given a cursed energy and use it to attack and defend against enemy attacks.

Masamichi Yaga is the principal and teacher of Gojo, Geto and Shoko. Then at this time he served as the principal and Gojo became a teacher at the school. Masamichi Yaga Looks like a 40 year old man with the glasses he always wears. Then he was dressed neatly and looked dignified.

Masamichi Yaga Facts

After the incident in the past that resulted in the massacre carried out by Suguru Geto, Masamichi changed his attitude to become more serious and strict in educating his students. He will not accept students who have the wrong “motivation” or wrong views. This was shown when Yuji entered the jujutsu school for the first time.

Masamichi also has a good sense of humor, he uses a lot of cute dolls that he uses to put curse energy in it. The dolls are used to attack and defend from all attacks that lead to him. He is also an Expert in the Cursed Puppet field.

Masamichi Yaga created Panda and trained him until he became very strong. He also told Panda that in him there were 2 brothers, a brother and a sister. This allows pandas to switch positions and take care of each other.

Strength Masamichi

Yaga has a very unique and great power, namely controlling Puppets and also the creator of Panda. The following are Masamichi Yaga's strengths that have been known until now:

Great Cursed Energy

As the head of the school, it is certain that Masamichi has very great power and energy curses. Then he has also shown some of his strengths, including controlling Puppets that are able to attack and kill enemies easily and quickly.

Cursed Corpse

By inserting cursed energy into a doll, the doll has been given "Life". The doll can be controlled easily by Masamichi. This technique has been shown when he tested Yuji when he first entered a jujutsu school. This doll attacks Yuji quickly and strongly and does not feel pain when attacked by Yuji.


This doll made by Masamichi is able to attack enemies quickly and strongly. Then he can bounce his body between the walls. Now the attacks made by this doll are so fast that the enemy will find it difficult to see and withstand his attacks.


Tsukamoto is a small doll equipped with boxing gloves on both hands. This doll is used to train his students in using the cursed energy. So this doll will hit someone when that person doesn't emit constant cursed energy.


Panda is a cursed corpse that mutates. Panda was created by Masamichi from a panda. Well this Panda is the best and most perfect mutated corpse among other cursed corpses. This is due to the presence of 3 soul cores in 1 undead. Well in the panda there are 2 other creatures, namely his brother and sister. Then the 3 souls have different types of beings.

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