Facts and 4 strengths of Rill Boismortier “Black Clover”, the Overpowered Painter Magic Knight

Facts and 4 strengths of Rill Boismortier “Black Clover”, the Overpowered Painter Magic Knight

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Facts and 4 strengths of Rill Boismortier “Black Clover”, the Overpowered Painter Magic Knight


Rill Boismortier is the Captain of the Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom. He looks like a child, but in fact Rill Boismortier has extraordinary abilities.

When viewed from his appearance, Rill Boismortier looks still a child and has normal characteristics (like children). However, his intelligence and abilities are extraordinary and even now he is one of the commanders of the magic knights. Rill Boismortier always carries his painting equipment and uses it in battle.

Facts Rill Boismortier

Rill Boismortier is a noble descendant who has a lot of magical energy. Since childhood, his abilities have been seen and even managed to destroy his room and house. The painting made by him will come true and form a real attack or monster. Because of his abilities, the RIll Family decided to make him a magic knight.

Rill Boismortier paints all the time. Because of this habit, Rill Boismortier has become negligent in his responsibilities as the Magic Knight Commander of Squad Aqua Deer. However, he is always ready for a fight that he finds "interesting".

Rill Boismortier didn't attach much importance to his "Noble" Status. He looks familiar with all the magic knights who have the status of "Commoners". For example, when he looks close to Asta and Yuno. His only interest is in the power and beautiful art of his paintings.


Rill Boismortier has a 3 cloverleaf Grimoire that contains Cat-based spells. He uses Painting to cast his spell. So his inspiration and paintings will come true.


's immense magic possessed extremely extraordinary abilities. He can fight 2 magic knights at once and attack with enormous power. Every inspiration he thought of would become a very powerful painting of his shadow. The beauty of his Magic Cat managed to make Rill Boismortier the commander of the magic knights.

Mana Method

After the war against the Elves was over, Rill Boismortier left for the Heart Kingdom to prepare for the war against the Spade kingdom. There he learned about the Mana Method. With this ability, Rill Boismortier can expand the range of his magic and the Scale of his paintings.

Painting Magic

Rill Boismortier can use magic to manipulate Cat. Rill can turn his illustration into an attack or form of magic he wants. He can create any element and power using his brush. So with that, it's clear that Rill Boismortier is one of the most powerful magic commanders.

Rill's visible painting magic:

  • Spring of Restriction
  • Snake Painting
  • Invasion of Heat-Infused Ice
  • Harpy Painting
  • Souterrain Groundswell
  • Sirène's Game

So far, the facts and power of Rill Boismortier are not fully known. So there is a possibility that later in the War Arc against the Spade Kingdom there will be a very Epic battle between Rill Boismortier Vs the Spade Kingdom.

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