Facts and 4 Strengths of Dorothy Unsworth “Black Clover”, Commander of the Magic Knights Who Always Sleeps

Facts and 4 Strengths of Dorothy Unsworth “Black Clover”, Commander of the Magic Knights Who Always Sleeps


Facts and 4 Strengths of Dorothy Unsworth “Black Clover”, Commander of the Magic Knights Who Always Sleeps

Dorothy Unsworth is one of the commanders of the Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom. She has a characteristic in his daily life, namely falling asleep at all times in his life. But when he wakes up, then his ability will increase very sharply.

Dorothy is seen wearing a typical wizard outfit with a cloak and conical hat. He is from the witch forest who is currently the commander of the magic knight squad Coral Peacock. In her first appearance in Episode 3, Dorothy appears to be fast asleep during the welcoming and selection event for a new magic knight. Even so, he responds to everything that happens without going through the slightest incident.

Dorothy Unsworth Facts Dorothy

is always seen sleeping. But he was still aware of everything that was happening around him. When she wakes up, she is a very cheerful woman and has enormous strength.

Dorothy becomes a vessel for the elf Reve during the war against the reincarnated elven tribe. In her battle, Dorothy uses her "Dream" ability against the magical knight Clover. After some time, Dorothy fought the Black Bull Members in her dream world. Well at that time a clash between Reve's and Dorothy's dreams occurred which resulted in a fight between Reve Vs Dorothy.

Dorothy really enjoyed the fight, she thought that fighting against enemies of the same ability was a very exciting battle. After that, his dream was flooded by the power of the two of them.

In the attack on the Spade Kingdom, Dorothy was chosen to fight there. He is with his 2 magic knight commanders namely Rill and Charlote. Dorothy fought the Dark Disciples of the Spade kingdom, while Rill and Charlotte fought Vanica.

Powers Dorothy

Grimoire Dream

Unsworth has a 3 cloverleaf Grimoire which contains all kinds of dream based magic. Overall, Dorothy Unsworth's ability is so great that it makes her one of the Clover Kingdom's Magic Knight Commanders. After his body was taken over by Elf Reve, he inherited several abilities from the Elf.

Mind Reading

Can easily read the minds of others, making it easier for her to use Dream Magic to create real illusions from her target's thoughts.

Dream World of Dream

Magic, Dorothy can create a world filled with dreams. Whatever he thinks will materialize and make him very strong if he is in that world. The Dream World manipulation is very Overpowered if used to the maximum, the reason is because Dorothy can bring up the weakness of her enemy instantly.

Glamor World

A mysterious mist that draws Target into Drowsiness. The target that is pulled will feel sleepy and die if it falls asleep. Inside the fog is a fantasy world that Dorothy can easily control.

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