Facts and 5 Strengths of Pandora's Actor “Overlord”, the NPC created by Ainz Ooal Gown

Facts and 5 Strengths of Pandora's Actor “Overlord”, the NPC created by Ainz Ooal Gown


Facts and 5 Strengths of Pandora's Actor “Overlord”, the NPC created by Ainz Ooal Gown

Pandora's Actor has a very unique power, namely “Imitating” other people. When Pandora imitates other people, then all her appearance and skills will be the same as the original.

Pandora's Actor was created by Ainz to maintain his original “Identity”. So basically Pandora's Actor wasn't created to fight like other Guardians. Pandora was in charge of securing the Treasure Room of Nazarick and was responsible for everything in the room. In addition, Pandora's Actor also really likes “Items”. Therefore, he often manages many magic items and spends time on that obsession.

Pandora's Actor Facts Pandora's

Actor often performs Experiments on Magic Items. This he did to find the difference between Items in the old world and the current new world. In addition, his experiments managed to find the power level of each Magic Item used.

Pandora's Actor has the same traits and personality as his creation Ainz. In her debut, Pandora displayed a "Stupid" personality and always exaggerated things that Ainz thought was similar to her past self. Pandora's Actor was very careful in every fight that involved him, It was also the same with Ainz's attitude of always being careful and not underestimating his enemy.

When in battle, Pandora's Actor is always calm and cool in carrying out his actions. Even when she was cornered and faced with death, Pandora still remained calm and carried out her experiments. If you look closely, Pandora's Actor does not have the slightest fear even though he is on the verge of death.

Pandora's Actor always does his job well and knows no “loses”. Then he was also very loyal to all the higher-ups of Nazarick. But his supreme allegiance was given to Ainz.

Pandora's Actor's

Strength The main strength of Pandora's Actor is Transformation. Pandora's Actor can imitate the appearance and abilities of the target. For example, Pandora could imitate Ainz and use all of Ainz's skills. However, in use it cannot imitate the target's HP and MP stats.

Pandora's Actor's Transformation Ability Limitation:

  • Pandora can only imitate 45 different forms, and currently she has impersonated 41 of the higher-ups of the Nazarenes and the remaining 4 are still mysterious.
  • Pandora can only imitate the target's abilities at around 80% of her original form.
  • Pandora can only use 300 magic spells. However, if using a certain Item, Pandora has the possibility to imitate all spells of the imitated target.
  • Cannot access “Super” tier Magic. However, if you use certain items, Pandora has the possibility to use all the magic possessed by the imitated target.

Pandora's abilities that have been shown:

  • Dark, Darkness Spell
  • Item Feticism, Large-scale Attack.
  • Polish Item, Skill can give strength and speed to allies. In addition, the damage received by allies will be reduced.
  • Weakness, Used to reduce the Enemy's strength Stats.

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