3 Asta's Anti-Magic Sword "Black Clover"

3 Asta's Anti-Magic Sword "Black Clover"

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Asta Black Clover

Asta's Anti-Magic Sword has its own name. The Sword is able to neutralize any Magic so it is known as the Anti-Magic Sword. Usually Asta uses the Sword to attack and defend. In addition, he can combine his abilities with other people.

From the beginning of ownership of the Clover 5 Grimoire, Asta was given a very deadly weapon, the Anti-Magic Sword. The sword appears gradually and even Asta struggles to use it. There are many mysteries about the Anti Magic sword. Until now there are only a few stories that explain the origin of the sword.

Anti-Magic Sword

Asta can summon an anti-magic Sword from within his Grimoire. The sword is coated with anti-magic. That way, Asta can neutralize any magic.

Demon-Slayer Sword

The Demon-Slayer Sword is Asta's first sword that can be enlarged in size. The ability to wield the Demon-Slayer Sword was enhanced when Asta was in the Heart Kingdom. Currently, Asta can use and control anti-magic abilities remotely.

Demon-Dweller Sword

The Demon-Dweller Sword is Asta's second sword. This sword can release focused anti-magic slashes and has the possibility to cut magic from a distance. In addition, Asta can borrow other people's magical energy and absorb it into the sword. Borrowed magical energy can be used to slash targets.

Demon-Destroyer Sword

The Demon-Destroyer Sword is Asta's third sword. This sword has an ability known as Causality Break. This sword allows the user to produce anti-magic tendrils that can absorb and dispel Magic side effects. In addition, this Sword can also negate Reincarnation magic.

Now that is Asta's Sword that has been seen until now, but all that might change at any time. So keep watching the Black Clover anime

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