Facts and 6 Strengths of Kokichi Muta "Jujutsu Kaisen", Puppet Controller (Ultimate Mechamaru)

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Kokichi Muta's (Ultimate Mechamaru) power is Puppet control. Kokichi uses Mechamaru to replace him in activities and fights. This was done because Kokichi has a disease that makes him unable to move for a while.

Kokichi has an illness caused by Heavenly restrictions. Because of his illness, Kokichi can't move freely and just lies weak in the bath tub. He used the Bathtub to lie down and controlled Mechamaru from a distance. But after some time, Kokichi gets up and joins with other magicians to Fight in the Shibuya Incident.

Kokichi Muta Facts (Ultimate Mechamaru)

Kokichi Muta has an illness caused by Heavenly restrictions. Therefore, he uses Mechamaru to replace him in his activities and fights as a jujutsu Magician. After some time, Kokichi Muta got Healing in the hands of transfiguration mahito. And in the end he was able to rise in full health.

Kokichi has a dream to be able to "Walking" with all his friends. He realized that his body had no future and could only lie down forever. Therefore, Kokichi is willing to do a "Contract" with his enemy to get the perfect body. In the "Contract" or "Oath" Kokichi gives all the information on the jujutsu magician to the enemy (Mahito) on the condition that his body must be healthy and Kyoto students must not be hurt.

After his awakening, Kokichi attempts to kill Mahito and Pseudu-Geto. He fought desperately to defeat all of them, but his efforts were fruitless. Kokichi Muta Dies before meeting all his friends.

Kokichi Muta's Strength (Ultimate Mechamaru)

Kokichi Muta has an ability equivalent to a Class 1 jujutsu Magician. In addition, he still has a huge amount of cursed energy stored as "Reserves". Kokichi Muta manages to control several puppets at one time, this further proves that his abilities are at the top level.

Kokichi Muta also has a very extraordinary intelligence. When he uses Mechamaru in the fight against Panda, Kokichi can easily guess the direction of Panda's attacks and weaknesses.

Immense Cursed Energy As

a result of his Heavenly restrictions, Kokichi is able to cover the entire country of Japan using his cursed energy. That means, his Cursed Energy is very large. In addition, it also has energy reserves that can be used for a certain time.

Heavenly Restriction

Kokichi has unlimited cursed energy and spreads over a very wide area. Due to the divine limitations attached to his body, Kokichi cannot walk or move because his body is very weak and sensitive to sunlight.

Puppet Manipulation

Kokichi can easily control a cursed Puppet or Puppet in a very large area. One of them is controlling the Mechamaru Puppet Robot, Mechamaru can use a very large cursed Energy and even manages to corner Panda.

Ultimate Mechamaru

Ultimate Mechamaru is a Cursed Corpse who becomes Kokichi's "Deputy" in his daily activities. When using Mechamaru, Kokichi can use several Jujutsu Techniques, including:

  • Sword Option, Changing the arms and nails into very sharp weapons.
  • Ultra Spin, Turns his arm into a sharp weapon that spins very fast. This attack is very powerful.
  • Ultra Shield, Barbed Iron Defense Technique.
  • Boost On,Increased attack speed.
  • Ultra Cannon, Cursed Energy Shot, with massive Damage. Its use is the same as a gun.
  • Mode: Albatross, Mechamaru uses his Mouth and Hands as a very lethal weapon. If described, this ability is the same as a cannon.
  • Ultimate Cannon,a very large Cannon with very high cursed Energy.

Ultimate Mechamaru – Mode: Absolute

Mechamaru in Giant Mode, this Technique has a large-scale attack and is a Technique with a high level of cursed energy. In this mode, Mechamaru can use the following techniques:

  • Ultra Cannon,Kokichi shoots a huge cursed energy that deals enormous explosive damage to enemy targets.
  • Miracle Cannon,Fires a blast of cursed energy with more damage than the previous technique.
  • Vision Viola,5 Cursed Energy Orbs created. The balls will explode upon contact with the target.

Little Communication

Puppet has a little Puppet that he uses to provide information to all of his comrades. However, this doll will be deactivated after Kokichi's death.

Well Those are the Facts and Strengths of Kokichi Muta (Ultimate Mechamaru). For more details, we can watch it in Season 2 Jujutsu Kaisen. So let's wait for the next story.

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