Facts and 6 Strengths of Takuma Ino "Jujutsu Kaisen", Intelligent Senior In the Shibuya Incident (Satoru Gojo Rescue)

Facts and 6 Strengths of Takuma Ino "Jujutsu Kaisen", Intelligent Senior In the Shibuya Incident (Satoru Gojo Rescue)

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Takuma Ino's strength lies not only in his jujutsu ability, but he has intelligence that is very close to Nanami. His knowledge is recognized and has the support of Nanami to become a Class 1 jujtsu Mage.

Takuma Ino has a simple appearance with his black mask which he uses as a temporary hat. In Season 1 of Jujutsu Kaisen, Takuma Ino has yet to give a dominant appearance in the battle at Shibuya. But if you read Manga jujutsu kaisen, then you will see Takuma Ino showing his abilities in the Shibuya incident. So Takuma Ino's fight will take place in the Next Season of jujutsu kaisen.

Takuma Ino

's Close Friend Nanami

Nanami is a professional jujutsu mage who becomes Gojo's close friend. Then he also became the smartest character in Jujutsu kaisen, Nah Takuma Ino really admired Nanami because of her intelligence. Takuma Ino made Nanami a "Teacher", therefore Ino's knowledge is very broad. All of this was seen when he gave an explanation of the Barrier to Megumi and Yuji.

Sincere and Positive

Takuma Ino has a positive view of all things related to Witch Jujutsu or Curses. He is a magician who is very sincere and cheerful in dealing with everything around him. When in a state of urgency, Takuma Ino always asks himself "What will Nanami do?". All of that was thought of because he really respects Nanami, although basically Takuma Ino is a very intelligent magician.

Seniors Megumi and Yuji

Takuma Ino are seniors and mentors for Yuji and Megumi. In the Shibuya incident, he gave his knowledge of Jujutsu to the two juniors. Well, Takuma Ino's maturity and intelligence are very visible when he educates and leads Yuji and Megumi to the battlefield.

Satoru Gojo Rescue Mission

In Shibuya Incident Satoru Gojo is Sealed by the Enemy. Then after some time, Takuma Ino had the opportunity to lead the jujutsu troops on the rescue mission of Satoru Gojo. The rescue mission was in the name of "Nanami" who gave Takuma Ino's trust. This mission is very dangerous and the risk is his death. But Ino was honored and rushed off with yuji and megumi.

Takuma Ino's Strength

According to Nanami, Takuma Ino has a very great ability. It was argued that Ino could easily break into a level 1 jujutsu mage. Takuma Ino has extraordinary intelligence and strength. The Cursed Technique he used was so powerful that even Nanami acknowledged its prowess.

Takuma Ino is assigned to be a rescue team with Yuji and Megumi. He is seen using the Detection technique to locate the enemy's whereabouts. After that, he also managed to defeat the Curse which has a strong ability.

Cursed Energy Manipulation

Takuma Ino is a tier 2 Professional Mage who has Cursed abilities equivalent to a tier 1 Mage. His power and cursed energy is very strong and at a high level. That way, Takuma Ino can easily manipulate and use his cursed energy efficiently and perfectly.

Auspicious Beasts Summon

Takuma ino can use his body as a spiritual medium and summon 4 beasts. That way, he can use the abilities of the 4 beasts. It is known that the 4 beasts are Kaichi, Reiki, Kirin, and Ryu.


Beneficial Beast No. 1. Ino summons a horn with a Spiral Pattern, this ability is used as a Projectile Shot that will continue to move until it hits the enemy target. So Ino's shot, will definitely hit the enemy.


benefits No. 2. Ino can transmit her cursed energy into water which will later be used as body armor. With this ability, Ino can increase her overall Mobility.

Then the abilities of Ryu and Kirin are still not clearly visible. so the two techniques still can not be fully informed. However, there is a possibility that this technique will be used in Season 2 later.

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