Facts and 7 Strengths of Entoma Vasilissa Zeta "Overlord", the Man-eating Insect Monster

Facts and 7 Strengths of Entoma Vasilissa Zeta "Overlord", the Man-eating Insect Monster

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Facts and 7 Strengths of Entoma Vasilissa Zeta "Overlord", the Man-eating Insect Monster

Entoma Vasilissa Zeta was one of Ainz's subordinates who joined the Pleiades of Nazarick. His main task was to guard Nazarick's last line of defense.

In terms of appearance, Entoma Vasilissa Zeta resembles a very stiff insect doll. But he has extraordinary agility and strength. His emotions are easily disturbed if someone insults the "Voice" or "Master" who created him. Apart from that, she was also wearing the Maid of Nazarick's Typical Dress with armor that fused with her.

Entoma Vasilissa Zeta Facts Overlord

Entoma Vasilissa Zeta was created by Genjiro. it was created with the aim of guarding the last defense of Nazarick who is part of the Pleiades Group. Behind this task, the players already know that there is a possibility for the maids to be defeated by the enemy players. So while the Maids were fighting, the users in Nazarick prepared themselves to fight in the throne room.

Entoma really likes human flesh, especially the muscular hands. Therefore, He often looks for "A Man" food and takes part of his hand. In addition, he also has snacks in the form of insects stored in his black capsule. Even though Entoma really liked human flesh. But he will not attack, if his stomach is full.

Entoma didn't like the original "Voice" she had. Therefore, He often steals the "Voice" of others and uses it. Entoma was very sensitive, she would get angry easily if someone insulted the “Voice” or her 41 masters in Nazarick.

The power of Entoma Vasilissa Zeta

Entoma is a Spirit Control Magic Caster. He can easily use magic or summon Insects as weapons in battle. So Entoma is not only a Maid Fighter, but also a very great Magic caster.

Entoma is very skilled in close-range or long-range combat. But the biggest weakness is when using magic or amulets, Entoma's process takes quite a long time.

Abilities of the Insect Summoned:
  • Bullet Bug
  • Blade Bug
  • Hard Armor Bug
  • Thousand Lash Bug, One of the strongest insects.
  • Shikigami Spider
  • Giant Beetle
  • Lip Bug
  • Mask

Magic Bug / Amulet Entoma

  • Lightning Bird Talisman, Lightning bird attack that is shot at the enemy target. This attack gives the effect of Glare and electricity.
  • Lightning Bird Swarm Talisman, Fires a Lightning bird attack at the enemy target with a very large number.
  • Explosive Talisman, Explosion Magic.
  • Sharp Cutting Talisman, Used to slice the opponent's body.
  • Spider Talisman,Magic to summon a giant Spider.
  • Piercing Wind Talisman, A windstorm.
  • Strengthen Self, Used to increase the user's fighting power.

Entoma's Special Ability

  • Spiderweb, Entoma can create spider webs which she uses to catch enemies. He expels this net through his mouth.
  • Slashing Spiderweb,a very strong Sticky Web.
  • Breath of Fly, Entoma's best ability, which can produce flying flies and attack enemies. When the fly reaches the enemy's body, then all the flies will lay eggs and produce flies again. The process continues to be repeated until the enemy target "Out" is killed by the maggots.

In addition, Entoma was also wearing Armor that covered her body. Until now, the ability of entoma has been widely demonstrated. However, it is possible that Entoma will give her appearance again in the next season.

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