5 Facts about CZ2I28 Delta Overlord, the Army of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

5 Facts about CZ2I28 Delta Overlord, the Army of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.


5 Facts about CZ2I28 Delta Overlord, the Army of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

CZ2I28 Delta Overlord was one of Ainz's subordinates who joined the Pleiades of Nazarick. The troops are filled by the Maid of Nazarick who will later be tasked with guarding the last defense of Nazarick.

CZ2I28 Delta has the same appearance as the other maids, which is to wear the typical clothes of a Nazarick maiden. Delta had a very beautiful face and became the Most Popular among the Maids. With very smooth skin, Delta has the perfect body shape. Many say that Delta is like being made using "hands" directly.

CZ2I28 Delta Facts

Creator CZ2I28 Delta

CZ2I28 Delta was created by Garnet. Garnet is one of the Supreme Beings of Nazarick who is in charge of the Security System Design of the Nazarick Ministry of Finance. So it is possible that the CZ2I28 Delta has a mechanism system connected to all of these security systems.


Delta, it doesn't give/show any expression at all. The CZ2I28 Delta tends to look emotionless even in battle. It became a very big difference between the other Maids. Besides, Delta is an Automated Maid Fighter which might be the reason for Delta's flat attitude.

Delta is very Popular

Delta is very Popular among Homonculus. It was known that all the maids in Nazarick were vying for a seat near Delta. But even though Delta is very Popular, He never responds to any of that and remains in an Emotionless state. So far, Delta is only interested in all "funny" things, for example, like dolls or penguins working in Nazarick.

Friendly to Other Creatures

The Maids in Nazarick have a very cruel and sadistic nature towards humans, but there are some Maids who have "Friendliness" towards humans. CZ2I28 Delta and Yuri Alpha are 2 friendly maids towards humans. All of that can be seen from the Karma Level of the two Maids. Besides, Delta prefers to be indifferent to anything she doesn't like.

The Fighting Maids Pleiades

Delta is part of the Maid Fighters of Nazarick. His main task was to keep Nazarick's last line of defense when enemy users barged in. But the task was only a “Diversion” and buying time so that the Nazarick users were ready to fight. So, when the Nazarick users are ready to fight, the fighting maids will retreat.

CZ2I28 Delta Overlord's

strength Delta's strength lies in his long range attacks using Firearms. He is very skilled in shooting, his ability is assisted by Yuri who has the ability to fight at close range.

Delta uses Armor as well as Magic Gun in battle. In addition, it is also equipped with certain items so that it can survive any attack. But its biggest weakness is melee combat.

Some of the magic that has been used by Delta:

  • Contact Engage, dealing damage to all enemies simultaneously.
  • Magic Sealing Shoot, Deals very large damage to enemy targets.
  • Next Bullet Loading,Increases the attack on each subsequent Bullet Reload.

The facts and strengths of the CZ2I28 Delta have not yet been fully demonstrated. The theory above is taken from the scene involving Delta in S1 – S3 Overlord. There is a possibility that Delta will join the Dominant fight in the Next Season. So we are waiting for the next story from the Overlord anime.

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