Facts and 7 Strengths of Yuri Alpha "Overlord", the Best Maid Maid

Facts and 7 Strengths of Yuri Alpha "Overlord", the Best Maid Maid

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Facts and 7 Strengths of Yuri Alpha "Overlord", the Best Maid Maid

Yuri Alpha is one of the Maid Fighter troops in the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Yuri Alpha has a very good personality towards humans, it is seen when Yuri does not want to kill innocent humans.

When viewed from his appearance, Yuri Alpha has a very charming body shape and face. Then he also uses the Maid's Special Shirt and Glasses. Yuri is very smart, he looks like a teacher who always works hard in educating his students. With her hard work, Yuri never had any free time and preferred to continue helping her comrades in Nazarick.

Yuri Alpha Facts Overlord

Yuri Alpha was created by one of the 3 members of Ainz Ooal Gown's Women's Guild named Yamaiko. Yamaiko created Yuri Alpha to be used as a fighting maid in charge of guarding the last defense of Nazarick. Like the other Maid Warriors, Yuri had another “purpose” in her task which was to buy time until the Nazarick users were ready to fight in the Throne Room.

Yuri Alpha is a very good fighting maid when compared to other maids. The reason was because Yuri wouldn't kill anyone if the target was innocent. With that, Yuri Alpha is categorized as a "Safe" Maid Fighter when it comes to humans. '

Yuri Alpha has a very good personality towards anyone. He always helps his colleagues in everything and forgets about the "Break" time every day. Yuri could well control the “Emotions” within her. So when Yuri is in a state of anger, he can suppress his anger until it returns to the "Calm" point in him. It was similar to Ainz who always suppressed his emotions automatically.

Yuri Alpha's strength Yuri

Alpha has a very good ability in close combat. It is known that Yuri mastered many Martial Skills, One of them being Fa Jin and Ki Gong. Fa Jin Is a Martial Arts originating from China, the Martial Arts is centered on a destructive power capable of destroying all Enemy Protectors. Meanwhile, Ki Gong is a martial art that is able to heal itself and its colleagues.

Apart from Martial Arts, Yuri Alpha also mastered several skills. Among them:

  • Increased Physical Strength.
  • Presence Search, this skill is used to see the stats of the enemy's strength. In addition, Yuri could see and feel the movements of invisible enemies.
  • Kibakushou, Individual Attack that is used by gathering light in the user's palm. This attack provides an advanced effect, but is not appropriate when used in area attacks.
  • Impact Blow, Gives a Great Damage Impact on the Enemy.
  • Strike, Deals Physical Damage at a certain point of the Target.
  • Iron Skin, Skill used to increase Physical "Attack" Strength.

In addition, Yuri Alpha also has Passive abilities, namely Resistance to Silence, Blindness, Immobilization, Glare Effects, and Negative Energy that can drain the Power of "Life". All of that was shown when Yuri fought Evileye.

Yuri Alpha has magic that has not been fully shown, one of which is the Weather Control which is able to change the weather.

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