Facts and 9 Strengths of Lupusregina Beta "Overlord", the Scary Werewolf Maid The

Facts and 9 Strengths of Lupusregina Beta "Overlord", the Scary Werewolf Maid The

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Facts and 9 Strengths of Lupusregina Beta "Overlord", the Scary Werewolf Maid The

power of Lupusregina Beta is very scary. His cheerful and kind face concealed his extremely terrifying Bloodthirsty nature. Beta really enjoys moments of torturing her enemy targets.

Lupusregina Beta has almost the same appearance as other Maids. She is wearing a Nazarick maiden attire, but Beta's skirt has a slit on the left side, so that the leg to the thigh is clearly visible. In addition, the body shape and beauty of her brown skin is very charming and makes her a beautiful brown-skinned maid.

Lupusregina Beta Overlord Facts Lupusregina Beta

was created by Beast King Mekongawa. Like the other maids, Lupusregina Beta was created to guard the last line of defense of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. This Final Defense serves to “Divert” and “Buy” time until the Nazarick users are ready to fight in the Throne Room.

Beta is part of the Maid Fighter gathered in the Pleiades Six Stars Nazarick Squad. As previously explained, the Maid's job was to maintain the final defense in Nazarick. That way, it was confirmed that their strength was enormous.

Beta has a very good and "perfect" personality, he is very close to humans and can easily get along with anyone. But his attitude is just a "mask" to hide his true nature which is very sadistic and cunning. It is said that Beta will be very aggressive and more violent during the Full Moon.

The power of Lupusregina Beta

Beta uses Black and Silver Wands as Combat Weapons. Then she also has a very strong Maid Armor. In addition, he also has the ability to "Disappear" which can appear in front of the enemy without being detected at all.

Lupusregina Beta is a Maid Combat that focuses on healing skills, but its stats are balanced between attack and support. So, Despite focusing on Healing Magic, Beta still has very Strong Attack Skills. It has to do with his Werewolf Race, it is said that Beta can turn into a werewolf and become very strong on a Full Moon Night.

Some of Lupusregina Beta's Magic and Skills:
  • All Greater Heal, Healing Magic used to heal allies.
  • Animal Instinct, Animal Instinct that allows Beta to know the "Mind" of her opponent.
  • Complete Invisibility, Magic that can eliminate Beta's existence. He will not be detected or seen by anyone very perfectly. And even more perfect than other "Unseen" spells.
  • Poison Heal / Anti Poison
  • Heal, Magic level 6 that can be used to treat / Heal the Target.
  • Fly, Flying Magic.
  • Middle Cure Wound
  • Regeneration, This Magic can be used against Allied Targets. So it can give "Healing" from time to time to the target's body.
  • of Fire Magic

Lupusregina Beta's PowerThat's because the scene that displays Beta is still small. So there is a possibility that in the Next Season there will be a fight involving Lupusregina Beta.

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