Facts and 8 Strengths of Noritoshi Kamo "Jujutsu Kaisen", the Power of Blood Manipulation

Facts and 8 Strengths of Noritoshi Kamo "Jujutsu Kaisen", the Power of Blood Manipulation

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Noritoshi Kamo's power is a power he inherited from the Kamo family. Noritoshi Kamo is currently a third year student of the Kyoto jujutsu school and is a magician who has a keen eye for curses. Then he also plans to kill Yuji because he has Sukuna in him.

Noritoshi Kamo is a very calm person when dealing with anyone, including very strong enemies. He doesn't look scared or trembled when faced with a very strong enemy and then he also always feels calm when dealing with rivals or people who are stronger than him.

The fact that Noritoshi Kamo

Noritoshi Kamo has a calm and balanced strength, it makes him more confident and confident in his potential. Noritoshi Kamo has great respect for everyone who comes from a real wizarding family like Megumi who comes from a wizarding family and is able to control 10 shadows. But he would act normal towards someone who wasn't from a wizarding family.

Noritoshi Kamo considers everyone with low abilities to be his subordinates and respects everyone who has inherited powers from a wizarding family. This was shown when he considered Mai as his subordinate because he was unable to use the 10 shadow techniques inherited from the Zenin family.

Noritoshi Kamo is the head of the Kamo family, he does this to protect his mother from the pressure his family gets. His mother said that Noritoshi Kamo had great potential to become a Jujutsu wizard and in the end he became a magician to protect his mother.

At first he wanted to kill Yuji Itadori, but after knowing the truth of Itadori's nature he wanted to save everyone. He thinks that Itadori has the same vision and motivation as him. It reminded him back of his mother and wished they could be reunited.

The power of Noritoshi Kamo

Noritoshi has a very great power, namely the manipulation of blood. He combines his jujutsu techniques with the arrows he has so that he is able to hit the target precisely. Noritoshi is a very reliable marksman, he is able to lock on his target and defy the laws of physics when his arrow is launched.

Noritoshi also has a very intelligent mind, as evidenced when he saw the weak point of hanami and informed all his colleagues. Then he can also arrange a very precise attack strategy when he wants to kill yuji. Although in the end his plan was foiled by Aoi.

High Cursed Energy

Noritoshi Kamo has a very large curse energy. He was able to manipulate blood continuously without feeling tired and losing the usefulness of its effects. This is due to the very good control of the cursed energy it uses, so that it is able to regulate energy precisely. It is said that he is almost on par with a tier 1 mage.

Blood Manipulation

This power is inherited from the Kamo family, By manipulating blood he is able to direct his arrows after launch. This allows it to defy the laws of physics in locking and firing at targets. Then he also has access to other inherited powers.

Flowing Red Scale

This power is used to increase the user's physical abilities. It increases the temperature in the body and increases red blood cells which are then able to give more strength to the body.

Crimson Binding

This technique is used to trap and tightly catch the target. This power is used by turning the blood into a large net and then used to ensnare the enemy.

Slicing Exorcism

This technique is used by making a round of blood that forms a sharp wheel and then launched at the enemy. This attack deals a lot of damage.


This technique is used by condensing the blood to the limit. So that produces a very great blood technique.

Piercing Blood

This ability is used by shooting blood at a very long distance. This ability can easily penetrate the enemy's flesh to the extreme.

Noritoshi uses arrows when fighting with enemies. The arrows used will be dipped first in the blood before being launched at the enemy. This is done to control the direction of the arrow after it is launched.

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