Facts and Strengths of Nozel Silva "Black Clover", Silver Eagle Captain

Facts and Strengths of Nozel Silva "Black Clover", Silver Eagle Captain

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Facts and Strengths of Nozel Silva "Black Clover", Silver Eagle Captain

Facts and Strengths of Nozel Silva "Black Clover", Silver Eagle Captain

Nozel Silva is one of the magic knights born to a noble family in the Clover Kingdom. He is also a Magic Knight and the leader of the Silver Eagle Squad.

Nozel Silva is the first son of the Silva family and has 3 younger siblings, namely Nebra, Solid and Noelle. All of his siblings have very great abilities and possess hefty Magic and mana.

Nozel is tall and thin. Long hair that is perfectly styled is a hallmark of the Silva family (probably). Then the clothes he uses are the same as all his brothers, namely clothes that look loose and have high collars.

Nozel Silva Silver Eagle Facts Nozel

Silva has several personalities and mysteries revealed through fan theories. However, there are some facts about Nozel Silva that have been shown in the anime.

Arrogant Man

Like His Brother, Nozel Has a very extraordinary arrogance and he even underestimates those who are under him. His cold demeanor and rarely showed his facial expression made him look even more arrogant and arrogant.

Caring and Respect for People Nearby

Although Nozel has an arrogant attitude but actually he also has a good side. That is always paying attention and respecting those closest to him.

When the battle broke out, One of the magic commanders was seriously injured and then made Nozel swear to take revenge. Then he also admits that he actually loves Noelle because he is similar to his mother and tries to keep Noelle away from the battle.

It's not just keeping Noelle away from the war. But he also protected all his brothers from getting too close to chaos. It made him think of him as a cowardly family.

"Curse" to protect his sister

is not a scary curse, but Nozel is asked to continue to protect his younger siblings and become a good brother. Before his mother died he was given the task of protecting all his siblings.

Nozel is the first child of the Silva family. So it is appropriate to take care of all his family.

Strengths Nozel

Silva has a 3 Leaf Clover Grimoire with a Mercury magic spell inside. Here is Nozel Silva's Magic Power & Battle Power:

Mercury Magic

By using this magic Nozel can create and manipulate Mercury. With his extraordinary abilities, he was able to simultaneously make defense and attack as he wished.

Some Nozel Silva's Mercury Magic:

  • Silver Rain
    This magic is used to attack enemies in a wide area. So Nozel makes a rain of mercury that he creates high in the sky and showers his enemies with condensed drops of mercury.
  • Silver Spear
    Magic in the form of a large Spear made with mercury. These spears can be launched at the enemy simultaneously or melted first using fire.
  • Silver Bullet
    Magic attack that forms mercury into small balls which are then launched at the enemy target.
  • Silver Blade
    By using this magic, he is able to make several swords at once which will be used to attack the target.
  • Silver Shining Regal Spear

Strengthening Magic

Like any knight, Nozel also has a type of magic that he uses to strengthen his physique. This power is used to increase physical abilities assisted by magic.


Magic This magic is used to create an object with mercury as the main ingredient. This magic has been shown several times, such as:

  • Silver Eagle
    Bird The bird that Nozel uses to go to the kingdom is a bird that he made from his mercury magic.
  • Shields Spell
  • Silver Star Of Execution
    This magic is in the form of a Giant Birdcage that is able to withstand attacks and is also used to attack enemies.

Enhanced Endurance

Nozel has a very strong body and he is able to increase his endurance using strengthening magic. That way his ability and endurance are very strong and even he can still survive after being stabbed by the enemy's spear.

Magic Power

As a Captain and also part of a noble family. Nozel has tremendous magical power. His ability is acknowledged by other magic knight captains like Yami who says that Nozel's magic is above him.

In addition, Nozel's Magic Level is at the top level. Then he is also able to withstand and control the great magic. With perfect magic control the power also increases and is more accurate.


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