The power of Dante Zogratis "Black Clover", Lucifero's Demon Dweller

The power of Dante Zogratis "Black Clover", Lucifero's Demon Dweller

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The power of Dante Zogratis "Black Clover", Lucifero's Demon Dweller

The power of Dante Zogratis "Black Clover", Lucifero's Demon Dweller

Dante Zogratis is one of the members of the Dark Triad in the kingdom of Spade. Dante Zogratis power was so extraordinary that he was able to kill and take over the Spade kingdom with his friends.

Dante's personality is very calm and holy even when fighting with strong opponents he still smiles calmly. Under no circumstances does he lose his composure and continues to stay calm in the face of changing situations.

His belief in evil is that he believes evil is the true nature of all human beings. So the sentence "Evil" or "Evil" is a sentence of praise for Dante. Then he forced people to accept all the hatred they had.

Dante admired someone who had extraordinary magic. And Vanessa, who has the power to change destiny, is someone she likes. Then he would despise everyone who had a little magic power.

Dante Zogratis powers

Dante Zogratis has a grimoire that contains magic related to the body. With this magic he is able to manipulate his body tissue which has the possibility to repair to change shape as he wishes.

Its power is further increased by the merging of demonic powers. So that he is able to survive any situation that could kill him, for example he is able to survive if his head is cut off and then repair his body tissues to their original shape.

With this power, Dante can stop the aging process on his body/face. He can even change the shape of his body.

Some of Dante's Body Based Magic:

  • Regeneration Spell
  • Transformation Spell
  • Additional Limbs

Gravity Magic

Apart from Body based magic, Dante also has Gravity magic which he got from the demon Lucifero. By using this magic Dante is able to manipulate Gravity according to his will.

He is able to lighten or increase gravity, for example he can float in the air by weakening his gravity or he can drop objects or people by increasing his gravity.

With the power of gravity coupled with the strength of his Basic Body then he is able to paralyze the enemy quickly.

Some Gravity Magic Dante Zogratis:

  • Presence Of The Demon King
    This power is used by increasing gravity in the front area. All objects in the area will be slammed and fall to the ground very strongly. Even anything that got in his way would be split in two. However, this Magic does not work if it is directed to the Anti-Magic Power.
  • Evil God's Pressure Craft
    By condensing Gravity, He was able to make objects such as stones into a shape resembling a large Sword. The sword he can use to fight and can also be directly launched at the enemy target.
  • Space Warping Spell
  • Heavy Infighting
    With this magic he is able to speed up his movements and strengthen his attacks. So his body will become very light but his attack power will increase even more.
  • Heavy Infighting Gladiator
    With this magic he makes a sword made of stone. Then by lightening the burden on his body he slashes the enemy quickly and powerfully. with the help of Gravity Swing his sword will be stronger and faster.
  • Gravity Singularity
    Magic forms a small black hole that is able to suck in and destroy objects in the area near the black hole. If this power is launched towards the enemy, the range of the area will be even greater.

The Great Fist Fighter

Not only is his magic great, but the power of his bare hands is also extraordinary. By only using his bare hands he is able to withstand Asta's rampage who is in Black Asta mode.

So it can be concluded that the ability of his bare hands is extraordinary.


His swordsmanship is very great too, He is able to keep up with Yami in a duel using a sword. As we know that Yami is very skilled in using his sword and Dante is able to match Yami's sword strength.

Strength & Movement Speed

​​With his agile Physical strength then assisted by his Gravity magic. Dante is able to move quickly and easily dodge enemy attacks.

Not only is his movement fast, but his strength can also increase rapidly with the power of his strength increase.

Magic Power

Dante Zogratis Magic Power is very powerful with his body Magic and Gravity magic. With this great magic power he is able to defeat his enemies with ease.

Demon Transformation (Devil Possessed)

Dante is the host of the high-level Devil Lucifero. The demon gives immense power and is able to use his demon mode. Dante is able to use demonic power up to 80%, but the more demonic magic he uses, the more visible his demon form will be.



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